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Inborn Magic: Hidden Coven Series, Book 1

Odd coincidences force Bobbi Cole to learn to control her strange powers. Her first attempt at spell-casting leaves her paralyzed, and the only the High Priestess of the Hidden Coven can help. Quinn Mason, head of security for the coven, doesn’t want Bobbi around. He doesn’t trust strangers. Not when a demonic force is looking for a way inside the coven’s defenses to steal their most valuable resource: magic. Bobbi will have to battle Quinn’s mistrust and her own insecurities to get a firm grip on her magic, and do it before the witches face their ultimate enemy. Inborn Magic is the first novella in the Hidden Coven Series.

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5 Stars! "It is rare that I find a Pagan romance which is so action-packed and well written. Kim McDougall brightens a dark path, filled with mystery and suspense, as an unskilled witch is determined to complete her journey, all while blocking out the negativity which surrounds her. The detail written into the sabbats, esbats, rituals and the Pagan faith is astounding, warming my heart to its very core. Whether as a solitary practitioner or a member of a coven, wielding the power of witchcraft is a wondrous thing, engulfing true followers with an unseen, undefeatable force of wisdom, truth and, in the case of Inborn Magic, history of the craft and a romance, the likes of which has never before been seen. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every twist and turn of Inborn Magic, and recommend it to fans of the paranormal, followers of Paganism, and devotees of true love." Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

5 Stars! "In Kim McDougall's paranormal urban fantasy for young and new adults, Inborn Magic: Hidden Coven Series, Book 1, Bobbi's venture into the world of magic and witchcraft propels her into the company of witches who live in a communal village, and her life would never be quite the same again. I marveled along with her as she woke up in her rescuers' home and explored what at first seemed like a medieval village, and I soon found myself as fascinated by this alternative covert lifestyle as she was. McDougall's story is original, compelling and intricately crafted. Her characters are fascinating to follow, especially Bobbi, whose first instincts on finding herself in the coven are to heal Stubby the donkey with skills learned from growing up with rescue animals, and the brother and sister, Quinn and Abilene, who find her when she was nearly extinguished by her "simple spell" and bring her home for healing. As I read this novella, I was so impressed with the breadth and depth of the world McDougall creates in this compelling urban fantasy. There's also a marvelous, sweet romance hinted at between Bobbi and the darkly handsome Quinn that adds a lovely bit of tension to the story. Magic indeed lurks in this tale of witches and covens, and it's well worth settling in with a cup of tea and exploring the world this author has put together. Inborn Magic: Hidden Coven Series, Book 1 is most highly recommended." Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


HibernaculumHibernaculum by Kim McDougall 

Includes 2 bonus tales: Luminari & Barbegazi


Hibernaculum, A post-apocalyptic thriller with bite.

Safari business is booming. Inside the Dome, people feast, create, laze. Most are content in the self-contained ecosystem. The builders of the Dome are long dead. Their great-great-grandchildren keep tellings of the Wild alive, but stories have rotted to mystery, then to legend. A few discontents walk the perimeter of the Dome gazing into the horizon. They know the wheat fields, forests and mountains are fake. They all know. The false vista is a comfort except to those who burn to know what truly lies beyond. Those find tiny holes, gaps in waste control and ventilation. Their defection endangers everyone and the Grand Duke vows to plug the holes with the bodies of deserters. Still the Wild calls.

Luminari, For the Vampire that has everything.

Devon is not one of the Chosen. He will not live forever in the arms of his undead lover, Rosalie. But he can give her the gift of sunshine. He will risk his life, his sanity and his blood for the Luminari. Will it be worth it?


Barbegazi, When the White Death calls, who will answer?

Etien changes the day he faces the White Death. His body is broken, but his spirit awakens. When his family's curse manifests inside him, he leaves his birthright for the ice-encrusted mountains where he both fears and hopes to meet the mythical icemen, the Barbegazi. 

A halfling has been hiding in the snow outside the Barbegazi village for days. Ethgel can feel his fear, though the others choose to ignore him. But Ethgel is tired of traditions that seclude her people in the remote reaches of the mountains. She longs to reach out to the frightened halfling but will he embrace the ways of the Barbegazi or will his human failings, his unending rage and fear, come between them?



The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour by Kim McDougall

The Golden Hour is not a romance. This is not the story of boy meets girl, boy wins girl against all odds. The Golden Hour goes beyond erotica and romance. Instead, it is an exploration of how sex defines us, particularly in those first years of sexual burgeoning when it is intoxicating and empowering. Sarah’s life has been defined by the men in it. Now she must learn to define herself or forever live in the past. The Golden Hour is a story of the greatest love of all. Love for oneself.

Malek and Sarah have a passionate and destructive relationship. When fate and stubborn pride separates them for good, they promise to meet twenty years later in that exact hour at their favorite restaurant in Nice. At age forty-two, Sarah waits at the little cafe for her first love to appear in the falling afternoon light. Will Malek be the same mysterious man he was? Will he still want her? Will he even come? Her imagination overwhelms her as remembers their dark and fiery past, and dreads the secret she must finally reveal. 

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Between the Cracks

Between the Cracks: Short Fiction & Poetry by Kim McDougall

Once upon a time…

Four words that evoke memories of princesses and goblins, of fables and fairy-tales. They have become an archetype, harking back to a time when the word novel was synonymous with fantasy. In fact, English literature was forged in the fires of sorcery and unreality. Think Faerie Queen, Dr. Faustus, Gulliver’s Travels. Sound familiar? Where would you look for these stories in your local book store?  Certainly not in the fantasy section. Back when Moby Dick was published there were no fantasy and sci-fi, no mystery or romance, only novels. Alexander Pope did not worry about cross-genres when he composed The Rape of the Lock. And Robert Louis Stevenson was not catering to horror fans when he wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

When did literature become a slave to labels? Who else but marketing managers profit from categorizing literature? Certainly not the consumer. Fantasy buffs head straight for these shelves, but how many great fantasy stories are missed because they are classified as “literary” instead?

In this anthology of short and flash fiction, sprinkled with unnatural poetry, Kim McDougall reveals the grit, lust and beauty that goes on Between the Cracks. Enjoy 3o tales including, Black Bet’s Home for Toothless Vampires, Set Another Place at the Table, I’m Bringing my Pimple, the Worst Love Poem Ever and the award winning Jack Frost, among other irreverent, dark and quirky stories.

What comes from Between the Cracks? Fiction that ignores boundaries, mixes genres and confounds classification.

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