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  Valkyrie Bestiary Book 5 is almost here! And I’m thrilled to finally be able to show off the new cover. Critter wrangler rule #13: Where there’s one carnivorous horse, a herd will follow.   Kyra Greene, pest-controller of fantastic beasts, is moving into her new digs. ...

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Reading Challenge Revealed!

It feels like Christmas and the New Year were months ago already. We’ve been in lockdown again, so I’ve been taking this time to edit book 5 of the Valkyrie Bestiary. I should have news on that front very soon, maybe even a release date. I’m a bit late to the party to go over...

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Appreciating the Cold

I’m acquiring a new appreciation for snow, which is a good thing since we’ll be stuck with the white stuff for a while. Despite the cold (-18℃ or about 0 ℉), I have forced myself to walk every day. I come back pink-cheeked and energized. One great thing about sn...

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