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I’m getting ready to release The Girl Who Cried Banshee into the world. New releases are always exciting but also nerve-wracking.

Beautiful art for covers helps with those nerves. And I love the art created for this new Valkyrie Bestiary tale by Sergey Velikoluzhskiy. It features a new critter for Kyra called a draika, a type of water dragon.

In this prequel story, we also see the origins of Kyra’s critter blog and learn how she met her banshee roommate, Gita. To celebrate that, I have updated Kyra’s blog with new critter encounters, including the draika.

Did you know that Kyra’s blog is online? It includes all the blog posts from the books, plus a few extras. Check it out at

Here’s an excerpt from the draika post:

The Good Ol’ Days
nI’m going to post something controversial here. And you may not like it. Sometimes the old ways are not the best ways. There, I said it. I know we live in a time unlike any other. We have the technology to live in the modern world, but insight from a world war urges us to live simply. The Terrans might be fanatics, but they aren’t wrong. We do need to learn to live with our natural means. And maybe there is a god named Terra who slapped us down for being too big for our britches. Sounds like something a god would do. Read more…

imageAnd don’t forget, The Girl Who Cried Banshee releases May 27, 2021. If you want to take advantage of pre-release pricing, be sure to pre-order now.

Kyra Greene is a pest controller, not an exterminator. She has to be clear about that when the pests can be anything from pixies to dragons. But when her fledgling business teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, Kyra takes on a job that blurs those lines. 

Now she’s deep in the lawless Inbetween, trying to clear a mysterious infestation from a fishing village. But these homesteaders won’t make it easy for her. Superstitious natures are easily provoked. And a banshee living in the hills above the village makes a good scapegoat. 

Can Kyra find the source of the infestation before the homesteaders force her to make a life or death decision?

The Girl Who Cried Banshee is a Valkyrie Bestiary prequel novella and takes place 10 years before Dragons Don’t Eat Meat.

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