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As you can see by that lovely headline, my kitties have decided to spend the next 4 months glommed to my side. Yes, we had our first snow. And it's cold. bitterly cold. The first week of November, I was out walking in short sleeves. Now it's well below freezing.

Koko, my 6-month old kitten is so bored, she's literally bouncing off the walls. We've given her the nickname Loco Koko. She enjoyed the snow on the first day, then decided it's much too cold (despite her vast fluffiness). So the two cats are with me. All. The. Time.
This is Loco Koko. Click on the image to see her in action. (Note the link goes to a public Facebook page.)

Really, I don't mind the craziness. Cold weather + warm kitties = lots of writing. Yes, I've broken the seal on Valkyrie Bestiary Book 7, as yet untitled. A little snippet from that below. But first, the book news.

Oh, Come All Ye Dragons, the first Valkyrie Bestiary holiday tale released this month to terrific reviews! Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave one. It means a great deal to me. The book is holding steady in the top 50 Dragons and Mythical Creatures on Amazon. Not bad for a novella. If you haven't treated yourself to this Christmas delight yet, you can find it HERE.

Hidden Coven, The Complete Series is on sale for only $0.99 and only until November 30th. Find it at your favorite digital retailer or at

Now here's a tiny snippet from untitled book 7. Please be kind. It's fresh from the rough draft and unedited. It will probably go through many changes before it makes it into the final book.

Something bumped against my boot. I looked down to find two bright eyes shining in the dim light.
“Oh, hello.” 
The creature blinked. 
My first thought was that it was a platypus which was ridiculous. The only marsupials native to this area were possums. But it had that chimera-like look of a platypus—a beaver’s body with the webbed feet of a Labrador retriever and a duck bill, which it opened to say, “Chip!”
“It can’t be,” I said. 
“You know this creature?” Mason had his knife out, ready to skewer it. 
“Only from some of my blog readers. I think it’s a peyochip.”
The creature said, “Chip!”
“Very rare,” I added, “and usually found in the southern swamps.”
“Is it dangerous?”
The peyochip rubbed the side of its bill on my boot, like a cat marking its territory. 
“I don’t think so. Look how sweet.” 
I reached down. The critter gripped my arm with all four legs and hung there, big eyes gazing at me with total trust. 
“I suppose you want to bring it home.” Mason lowered his blade. His grin told me he already knew the answer to that question. 
“We could leave it here, but I think it’s too cold. Look how it’s cuddling me for warmth.”
“Chip!” Hanging upside-down, it crawled up my arm like a sloth hanging from a branch. I stroked the soft fur on its head. It made a purring sound and another “Chip!”
Something bit into my wrist, the pain sharp and hot. Too late, I remembered the rest of the blog post about peyochips and the venomous spur on their back legs. A buzzing sound filled my ears along with Mason calling my name. He seemed so far away. And then the world went black.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed the snippet. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can always contact me HERE.

Book Fairs & Great Deals

Okay, I might have gone a little overboard on the book fairs this week, but there are so many great deal going on, and I didn't want you to miss out. Click on any banner below for free books, holiday books and great deals. Note the first 2 banners are time sensitive, so check them out asap.

I have book/craft fairs booked almost every weekend until Christmas. I do only local fairs so I'll be in south eastern Ontario and south western Quebec if you'd like to come see me and get a signed book. You can see the list of upcoming events on the Book Fairs Page.

Spotlight Books

From time to time, I like to highlight authors and book that I feel my readers would enjoy. Check out these terrific Urban Fantasy reads.

Mom of the Chosen One
DM Fike

I really enjoyed this unique take on the Chosen One trope. You won't be disappointed with this one.

Join Melissa Hartley as she goes on a magical journey only a mother could take. For readers of Paranormal Women’s Fiction who like strong female protagonists, witty banter, and a hint of romance.

From the book jacket:

A magical secret, a hidden world of fae, and a single mom on the edge. Welcome to my midlife crisis.

I love my smart, kind, and funny daughter. We may not have much, but we get along without any of the normal teenage drama. Or at least we did, until my daughter got curious about her biological father.

Now our world is falling apart. A handsome client threatens my employment. A monstrous black wolf shows up on our doorstep. A mysterious masked woman begins stalking us. And that’s not mentioning the fae.

I didn’t expect to have a midlife crisis involving magic, but it doesn’t matter. I may be just a single mom, but I’ll do anything to protect my daughter. Even if it kills me.
Supernatural Fight Club
Alex Fox

What would you do to save a kid? Fight like hell.
That's what bounty hunter Rebel Weston finds herself doing when a desperate witch asks her to track down her son. For one night only, Rebel gets her chance to win him back. But can she rise to the task? Or will the bloodthirsty bastards take her down?

Read this incredible, hard-hitting urban fantasy FREE for a limited time!

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Light up the Night
PG Forte

Her love will light up his night. If they can both survive that long.

Heather is having the worst Christmas ever! Or, at least, the worst Christmas since she was forced to become a vampire. Her sire's distracted, her nestmates have forgotten her, weirdos have taken over the lair. The only bright spot in her life right now is Drew—who didn't even used to like her! She knows he's fond of her now, but 'fond of' isn't good enough. She wants more. She wants everything. She wants him. And she's not giving up. 

Pre-order Light Up the Night now!

P.S. The Valkyrie Bestiary Holiday novella, Oh, Come All Ye Dragons, is now available in eBook and paperback. 

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