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Reviewers Love Hibernaculum!

The first reviews of Hibernaculum are in. They like it! They really like it! Here's a snippet from the first of five reviews on Readers' Favorite:


Hibernaculum is a thought-provoking, lyrical and gorgeously written work that is highly recommended.

Kim McDougall's short story collection, Hiber…

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Snippet Fun: Hibernaculum

Enjoy this snippet from my newest release, a sci-fi thriller with bite--Hibernaculum.


Cross sized up his clients with one glance. The guy, lanky as an uprooted beanstalk, stepped carefully over cracked cement. The girl strode in the lead, each step harsh and vainglorious.

Not one of those. Not…

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Interview with Xavier Saint-Amant

Sometimes the best way to get to know a recalcitrant character is to sit down and interview him. That's what I did with Xavier Saint-Amant, the Robin Hood of vampires. In Luminari, Saint-Amant is an alchemist, a glorified drug dealer for the undead, who strikes a hard bargain, when a hapless mortal…

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