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The paperback version of Hidden Coven is a hefty 432 pages! Don’t you just love to hold a fat book in your hands, knowing that you’ve got all that wonderful story ahead of you?

Apart from its generous size, the paperback also features artwork by my talented daughter, Genevieve Chatel. Here is a sneak peek from Inborn Magic (Book 1) with the title art.

From Hidden Coven, The Complete Series:
nHe turned my hands and pressed my palms to the ground. An instant connection tingled through my fingers. For a moment I was aware of the massive, awe-inspiring being that was the Earth. Then heat surged up my arms. I gasped when it hit my lungs. 

“Don’t fight it,” he said. “Just let it flow into you.” The Lady’s lifeblood sang in my veins.

“Good,” Quinn said. “Now open your eyes.” I did. A nimbus of light surrounded us. 

“Can you see that?” I asked. 

“Yes, that’s the glow of your aether mingled with the Lady’s. It’s beautiful.” His eyes held mine. 

I laughed. Magic radiated through me like every soothing memory I had. I lay back, confident that the soft ground would catch me. The stars seemed brighter now. Crickets resumed their happy chatter. 

Quinn leaned over me. The nimbus of light circled him too. His aether or mine? It didn’t matter. My fingers, still tingling, reached up and caressed his skin, feeling velvet under the rough prickles of a new beard. I opened my mouth to speak about the wonders I saw, felt and heard. I never got the chance. 

His lips covered mine, warm and eager. Magic jolted me again. His chest pressed me to the earth, connecting us both while his mouth opened enough to make me eager for more. His tongue brushed mine. A low sound growled from his throat. He broke away, tucking his nose into the soft hollow beneath my ear. He kissed the pulse in my neck. 

“I wasn’t expecting you,” he whispered, hot against my skin. “Never saw you coming.” 

You never do. Not the real passions. Those hit with the force of an earthquake, sudden, terrifying and all-powerful. 

I tilted my head up, wanting to taste him again, but he cleared his throat and moved away. 

“That was a good start. We’ll try again tomorrow,” he said, “when you’re feeling rested. Goodnight, Bobbi.” And the forest cat disappeared into the trees as if he’d never been. 

I lay against the Lady Earth, with the pungent smell of crushed grass the only evidence of a kiss I might have imagined. 

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