Kim McDougall

Bobbi and Quinn fought Koro’s murderous agents, battled against berserker demons and even outsmarted death itself. Now they face the biggest threat to the coven yet.

When a portal opens between the green hills of the coven and the desert world of the demon Koro, Bobbi and Quinn take on what feels like a suicide mission to confront Koro on his turf, before he has the chance to invade theirs. With friends and allies behind them—including the divine Lady and a group of mystical natives who can cross the veil between worlds—they race to the hellish epicenter where Bobbi’s story began. 


The grueling journey leaves Bobbi and Quinn little time to renew their strained bonds of love, and each will have to face bitter truths if they ever have a hope of a future together—a future free from the perverse and all-seeing eye of Koro.



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