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The countdown is on! There’s less than 3 weeks left until the Valkyrie Bestiary Series finale drops! I have some fun stuff planned for the release (see more on that below). 
As I finalize the text for Worlds Don’t Collide and format it for release, I find myself feeling very nostalgic. I started writing this series over 10 years ago. I wrote 4 complete manuscripts before I found the story that became Dragon’s Don’t Eat Meat. Those first iterations barely resemble the final product. Characters came and went. Settings changed. Plots grew, branched and died. Only a few things remained consistent: Kyra, Mason and the idea that critters were central to the story.
Now, I’ve heard from some of you that you wish Kyra’s story could keep going. I do too, but I always planned 9 books. From the very beginning I had three story arcs of three books each. I’ve seen some series go on long past their expiry date and start to stink a bit. I never wanted that for Kyra. Besides, after all the crap I put her through, she deserves some peaceful down time with her family.

During these reflections, I took a look at my Scrivener file’s stats. Scrivener is the very powerful word-processing program that I use to write. If you want to see what a 9-book series with all the research looks like from a data standpoint, you can watch the short video below.

But just looking at the screenshot below, you can see that I wrote over 1.2 million words for this series. And created 1,277 documents.

That includes rough drafts for 9 novels and 6 novellas/collections. It also includes character details, settings, world building and lots of research. Looking over all that work feels sort of like going through a well ordered trinket box of memories. It’s very satisfying and brings up a whole lot of feels. 

And now I’m creating new Scrivener files, with new worlds and characters to explore. I find the creation process exciting and I hope you’ll stick around for these new journeys. I’ll have a lot more info on the new books (2 series!) in the next few weeks.

But for now, I’m concentrating on the launch of Worlds Don’t Collide. You can pre-order it HERE.

Worlds Don’t Collide Launch Party

Launch Day is June 6th! I have a couple of contests planned, including a VB launch party and trivia night on June 8th with a great prize pack for one Valkyrie Bestiary super fan. This will take place on The Inbetween Facebook Discussion Group, but I recognize that not everyone wants to be on FB, so I will also post it on my website and send a reminder email when the contest begins. I will also be taking over at several author discussion groups with some games and prizes. Details of those dates will be in the next email. 

I am still planning to give-away (only to subscribers) Emil’s companion novella, Thorn of Vioska. I don’t have a date pinned down for that yet, but as soon as I do, you’ll find it here. 

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Spotlight Books

Awakening: a complete urban fantasy series set in the UK with slow burn romance
(Rise of the dragons Book 1)
G Clatworthy

They kidnapped her best friend. Now they want to raise a dragon. Can she survive an encounter with a cult and a dragon or will it end in fire and bloodshed?

Amethyst is a half-dwarf jeweler and weaponsmith who just wants to make sales, and maybe move out of her sketchy apartment. When her best friend gets kidnapped, she realises there's more at stake and she's plunged into an adventure she doesn't want. Not to mention hate at first sight with an arrogant elf. Can she rescue her friend and sort out her feelings before a cult awakens their dragon?

Get Awakening Now

The Vampire and the Case of the Wayward Werewolf 
(The Portlock Paranormal Detective Series Book 1)
Heather G. Harris & Jilleen Dolbeare

Someone paid the vampire king’s creepy son to turn me into one of the bitey undead. I’m not hanging about to find out who or why. The vampires want me to stay with them for one hundred years of indentured servitude but I have this thing about following orders so I ran from the streets of London to the wilds of Alaska.

I have an eidetic memory and a can-do attitude. I can-do anything to get away from the vampire king. So when the Sheriff of Portlock, a hidden paranormal town, invites me to be his assistant, I say sure thing. It beats servitude hands down.

At first things seem ideal in Portlock, I make a new friend and even get asked out on a date. But the truth is, there are secrets aplenty. The paranormal council are at each other’s throats, figuratively of course. But then someone rips out a werewolf’s throat, literally this time.

I need to work with the Sheriff to find the killer, before he strikes again. We just need to winnow through werewolf pack issues, council politics, and more suspects than you can shake a stake at. Simple.

Portlock is a melting pot of witches, necromancers, vampires and shifters, but things are starting to boil over. I hope I don’t get burnt.

Get The Vampire and the Case of the Wayward Werewolf ​Now

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