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Happy Holidays, whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa or just enjoying the winter solstice. We're over the hump here in Quebec. The days are starting to get longer again. Whew! Even at noon, it feels like the day is almost over. We got a load of snow dumped on us last week too. Here is a picture of the path that leads to pasture that I have to walk every day to see my horse, Booker.

On the plus side, with the shorter days, I'm up in time to see some spectacular sun rises, like this one:

I spent a full day out in the snow, playing lumberjack too. A recent storm toppled about 10 cedar trees in our little forest. Can't let those go to waste! Not when we have a pasture to fence by next year so Booker can come live at our farm instead of boarding with our neighbor. Here I am on our very old ATV that we inherited with the farm. My friend, Gord, is tying a massive trunk to the ATV so I can pull it out of the forest. We did this 8 times during a snowstorm. Much fun!

Ahead of another storm coming on Saturday, I'm getting ready to nest for a few days. It will be a quiet Christmas with only my husband and mom here, but we'll eat lots, drink a little, and play in the snow. I wish you a Merry Christmas, where ever you may be.

Valkyrie Bestiary News

If you're looking for a terrific Christmas Eve read, the Valkyrie Bestiary holiday novella, Oh, Come All Ye Dragons, is now available. My mom says it's really good, so it must be true! ☺️ Well, also 260 people already gave it 5 stars. In fact, this little book has the highest rating of all the VB books so far! While I was writing it, I felt that it was a special this gem. I hope you'll share it with me this Christmas.

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Also, Kyra is looking to revamp the logo for her Valkyrie Pest Control business. We have 6 contenders for the design. I'd love your help in choosing one. Simply visit my website below to take the poll and vote for your favorite design. The winning design will be announced here in January. The logo will feature on Kyra's blog and the merchandize store. (BTW, Did you know you can visit Kyra's blog in the internet? Check it out HERE.

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Book Fairs & Great Deals

Is Santa bringing you an e-reader for Christmas? I've got you covered. Check out these book fairs to fill your reader with sugar plums! As usual, many of these are time sensitive, so grab them early. And always check pricing before you click "buy" as life happens and sometimes mistakes do too.

If you missed the last newsletter, there are more sales going on the BOOK FAIRS page.


Spotlight Books

From time to time, I like to highlight authors and book that I feel my readers would enjoy. Check out these terrific Urban Fantasy reads.

Noctifer Magick
The Noctifier Witch Series, Book One
G.R. Loreweaver

Saving the world would be so much easier without two left feet…
When her magick returns, Forsythia must face the creature that killed her mother. Fortunately, a yummy monster hunter offers to help. Too bad she got off on the wrong foot by breaking his nose…

The most powerful witch in a generation, she’ll need his help to survive. So maybe she should quit thinking about his cute butt.
The first of a series, Noctifer Magick is a slow-burn paranormal menage romance intended for readers over 18. If you enjoy competent but clumsy heroines and the men they love, you’ll devour Noctifer Magick.

Get Noctifer Magick

The Beginning: Thea
Eve of the Fae Series
Jane O'Roarke

Thea’s Prequel: A Slow-Burn Apocalyptic Fae Origin Romantic Fantasy Series
Fate will find you, no matter how hard you hide.

Thea Duffy was long past dreaming about adventure. At thirty-eight, Thea was content with her life in the small town of Rocky Top, West Virginia, bouncing between her mountain retreat where she lives with her three elderly uncles and her business, Rocky Top Diner. Thea was being watched, which was just the beginning of the mysterious happenings in her small mountain town.

A long-lost brother comes to claim his inheritance, and Uncle Seamus falls sick, and suddenly, Thea’s calm life is turned upside down. Now she has to decide whether to hide on her once peaceful mountain top or put herself first for once on a chance-in-a-lifetime trip to London. Will Thea step forward into her destiny or continue to hide from her fate?

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