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Cover Reveal: The Girl Who Cried Banshee

I've had so many readers send me notes asking for more of Kyra's story. These notes, whether by email, on the blog, or by social media, fill me to overflowing with happiness. So thank you to everyone who asked for more.


And I'm glad to say The Girl Who Cried Banshee is now available for pre-order. It feels like this one was a long time coming. The Girl Who Cried Banshee is a Valkyrie Bestiary prequel novella (about 100 pages) and takes place 10 years before Dragons Don’t Eat Meat. Hint: It's the story of how Kyra met her banshee roommate. Here's the snazzy new cover!


Kyra Greene is a pest controller, not an exterminator. She has to be clear about that when the pests can be anything from pixies to dragons. But when her fledgling business teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, Kyra takes on a job that blurs those lines. 


Now she's deep in the lawless Inbetween, trying to clear a mysterious infestation from a fishing village. But these homesteaders won’t make it easy for her. Superstitious natures are easily provoked. And a banshee living in the hills above the village makes a good scapegoat. 


Can Kyra find the source of an infestation before the homesteaders force her to make a life or death decision?


Ride along with Kyra Greene—pest controller to extraordinary beasts—into the Inbetween, where magic is the only rule of law.


Read a sample or pre-order HERE.

Audio Book Give-away

Iiiiiiit's here! The first Valkyrie Bestiary audio book is now ready! That's right, you can now experience Dragons Don't Eat Meat in a whole new way. And bonus, the audio book includes the prequel novelette, Three Half Goats Gruff! Check it out HERE and listen to a sample, narrated by Hollie Jackson.


And to celebrate the audio book launch, I've got 6 download codes (international) burning a hole in my pocket. So I put together a little contest to win.

There are several ways to get entries. Contest runs until May 8, 2021. Winners will be contacted by email and announced here.





When the magic spills over

I have some exciting freebie news for you (scroll down for that). But first, a very thoughtful review for Hidden Coven appeared on Amazon last week (thank you anahatalov!). Here’s a snippet:


“There also seems to be a strong unspoken connection between the Hidden Coven series and the Valkyrie Beastiary series. I won't say how here (because, you know, spoilers and all that) but, I would totally recommend reading the Hidden Coven series first and follow it up with the prequel to the Valkyrie Beastiary series Three Half-Goats Gruff and so on. It won't take long to spot the connection. Have Fun!”



If you got the chance to pick up the Hidden Coven during the sale last week, and you’ve read Dragons Don’t Eat Meat (or the other Valkyrie Bestiary books), I’d love to hear your thoughts about this “connection.” You can add a comment below.


Here's a hint. At the end of Hidden Coven....

----Spoiler Alert!

If you haven't finished reading Hidden Coven, you might want to skip this next purple section. Start reading again when you see the black text :)






At the end of Hidden Coven....there is a hole in the veil to a demon world. In the Valkyrie Bestiary books the Flood Wars are referenced as a time when demons came through holes in dimensions. Hmmm. In Hidden Coven, Bobbi’s powers begin to manifest after she senses a strong surge of magic in her area. Could this be the genesis of the return of magic that brings on the Flood Wars? Hmmm. 


In truth, I didn’t set out write 2 connected series, but the connection is evident. I actually wrote Dragons Don’t Eat Meat before Hidden Coven and wasn’t happy with the first draft, so I put it aside. Clearly, these ideas of demons, holes in the veil, and magic surges were swirling around in my subconscious. So when I went back to the Valkyrie Bestiary books after publishing Hidden Coven, I strengthened those connections. 


So what do you think? Could Bobbi and her witch friends be (at least partly) responsible for the Flood Wars? I’d love to hear what you think. You can reply right to this email with your thoughts or post a comment on the blog.







Okay. We're back. If you missed the Hidden Coven freebie last week, you can always pick up Book 1: Inborn Magic for free.

And now for the freebie news...for the first time ever Dragons Don't Eat Meat is now available to download free! That's right. But this deal is only good until April 23, 2021. So DOWNLOAD it now and see why readers are saying "I want to be a supernatural pest controller too!"

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