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It's all about the critters

Did you know that you can visit Kyra's blog in real life? Yup. Click on any blog link in an ebook and you'll find Kyra's real home on the "Ley-net". Or you can visit it at My...

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dkalsfhd;g...My kitty typed that

As you can see by that lovely headline, my kitties have decided to spend the next 4 months glommed to my side. Yes, we had our first snow. And it's cold. bitterly cold. The first week of November, ...

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Oh, Come All Ye Dragons -- Release Day!

It's here! The first Valkyrie Bestiary Holiday book! If you pre-ordered, Oh, Come All Ye Dragons, it's now sitting in your Kindle library like an unwrapped gift. If you haven't pre-ordered, now's ...

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Free Download for the Readers' Group: Black Bet's Home For Toothless Vampires

The Valkyrie Bestiary Christmas tale comes out in less than two weeks, but since it's three days before Halloween, it seems the perfect time to get our spooky on. We'll put off all things snowy and...

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Ghouls Don't Scamper Now Available

Today is the day! If you pre-ordered Ghouls Don't Scamper, Book 6 of the Valkyrie Bestiary Series, then it will be in your Kindle library now!  If you didn't pre-order, ebooks, paperbacks and hard...

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