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Teeth & Sheath Day

Here’s an amusing horsey story for you. It’s not for the faint of heart, so read on with caution. Seriously, if you don’t want to know about the grittier parts of animals husbandry, this post is no...

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A scene 8 books in the making

Whew It's done. Today I sent Unicorns Don't Cry off to my wonderful editor, Elaine Jackson for a final proofread. This one took a lot out of me but in a good ways and sad ways. The final scene i...

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Valkyrie Bestiary Cage Fights

For the next few months I'll be organizing a just-for-fun tournament between Valkyrie Bestiary creatures and characters. Who is the toughest of the lot? You get to decide.    I have 16 first round ...

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Valkyrie Bestiary Book 8 now pre-ordering

I took a bit of a break from newsletters and social media in July to finish the manuscript for Valkyrie Bestiary Book 8. And, of course, July flew by but not without some important updates. The cov...

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Title Reveal: Valkyrie Bestiary Book 8

My experiment of working in my little forest office has been a success! If you missed the newsletter where I talk about that, you can see it HERE. The calm and distraction-free forest has let me ne...

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