Kim McDougall

Valkyrie Bestiary Deleted Scenes

After decades of writing, I've left many good bits and pieces on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Sometimes, it's just a snippet of description or a conversation. Some could be backstory that I needed to write for me to understand a character. Other times an entire chapter needs to be trimmed, no matter how much I like it. If it doesn't fit or just has no real purpose, it must go! But that means I've got a lot of extra verbiage hanging around. Even though these snippets didn't fit into the story, I thought you might have fun reading them. Here are some deleted scenes and extra bits from my various worlds. Be sure to sign up for the WrongTree Press Readers Group to get updates when new scenes are added.


Click on the images below to read deleted snippets from the Valkyrie Bestiary Series.