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As I ramp up things, getting ready for Book 3 (Hell Hounds Don’t Heel) to launch, I’m giving away the prequel, Three Half Goats Gruff, for 5 days only. If you haven’t read this short book about the night that Kyra first met a little cephalopod and the mysterious Guardian who would haunt her dreams for the next year, now is your chance. Three Half Goats Gruff will be included in the Discover the Wonder Give-away along with a dozen other great free books. Here’s a snippet:


The stranger and I stood ankle deep in rushing water and stared at each other. In the last of the day’s light, I finally saw his eyes. They were the silver-gray of my favorite cat’s belly. He licked rain from his lips, and finally spoke.


“It’s not safe here. There’s a storm coming.”


I shook my head and found my voice. “It’ll blow over. I’m not worried.” 


“Still, you shouldn’t be here.”


“Why not?”


“The runoff. It can cause flash flooding.”


Behind him, a satyr waggled his bare ass out the bridge window. I stifled a giggle.


“You think that’s funny? Floods can kill.” He frowned and I had the irrational urge to smooth the little crease that appeared between his brows. 


“I think it’s funny that we’re standing here getting soaked to the bone while a satyr moons us.”


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