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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope this lovely spring weekend finds you safe and well. We are about to go into lockdown again, so no Easter festivities for us. But that’s okay. It just means I have more time to write.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately, asking when the next Valkyrie Bestiary book will be out. I love getting emails, btw, so keep them coming. But if you want the short answer, you can check out the Valkyrie Bestiary Publishing Schedule HERE.

I am currently working on a prequel novella tentatively titled, The Dragon and the Banshee. I hope to have a cover reveal soon! In the mean time, here is a tiny snippet:

The biggest grote slang pounced forward, displacing a wave of water. Liam and I backed up slowly, but I didn’t want to risk running and force it to chase. The grote slang opened its mouth wide enough to swallow my head and roared again, hissing out gobs of spit and pond scum. Yum.

“Enough of that!” A tiny, old woman dressed in black rags came out of the cave to stand between us and the beast. She swatted it on the nose with her bony hand. “Mind your manners.”

The grote slang grunted air out of his flared nostrils and sank back into the pond. His mate and pups followed, until only their eyes peeked above the waterline.

“You’ve got to show ‘em who’s boss, is all.” The woman sniffed back tear, Then turned the full force of her glare on us. “Now what do you want with me?”
nShe stood no taller than my shoulder. Her face was deeply lined and drab gray with green in the creases, like moss grew there. Hair like lank seaweed hung about her thin shoulders. But it was her eyes that captivated me. They were deep set, dark violet orbs that drew you in. I couldn’t look away, and immediately ramped up my psychic wards, suspecting witchcraft.

The banshee chuckled, but even as she smiled, her lips turned down at the corners. 

“No need for your protections, girlie. I won’t bewitch you.”

Interesting. The banshee had a bit of the keening too. 

Book 3 of the Valkyrie Bestiary is now available. Check out Hell Hounds Don’t Heel.

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