Kim McDougall

I’m good at talking about books, but not so good at talking about me. Sigh. That’s because I’m pretty boring. Which is maybe why I write such action-packed stories. Writing is a diversion, just like reading. 


But I would like to share a little bit about my home. I live in Ontario, Canada about an hour north of Toronto. We had snow on May 8th this year. Two weeks later the temperature soared to 32℃ (that’s 90℉). And today it feels like winter again. The weather here is as temperamental as a our geese (if you’ve never come up against an angry Canada Goose…well, that’s a story for another day). 


Regardless, I try to walk everyday. There is a little patch of woods near my house where the trilliums bloom every May and it’s like walking through a fairy land.





Trilliums are the provincial flower of Ontario. If you pick the blooms, the plant dies. Every child is taught not to pick them, and so they have this sort of ethereal and mystical aura about them. There’s a sign up on my block that says: Trilliums are in bloom! Walk 5 minutes that way. And people come to see the precious pink and white flowers from all over. They are fleeting, fragile and inspiring. Walking through them, I can’t help but believe there is magic in our world too. I hope you can find it in your neighborhood.


On that note, I’d like to invite you to join Magic, Mystery and Monsters, a Facebook group for discussion about all things fantastical. Read excerpts from many different authors and just have some general fun.




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