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imagePssst! Want to know a secret? Dragons Don’t Eat Meat releases on August 15th, but the paperback is already available! Here’s what one reviewer had to say:


“Dragons Don’t Eat Meat is truly a magical romp through a fantastical world that is the earth of the future…I am invested in these characters and that is the greatest praise I can give any author.” Reviewed by Grant Leishman, Readers’ Favorite.


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Hidden Coven only 99¢!

imageAnd more exciting news! The entire 5-book series of Hidden Coven is available for a short time at only $0.99! Here’s a snippet from Trigger Magic, Book 3. Bobbi and Quinn have just gone on a scavenger hunt sparked by an old rhyme her mother taught her. Expecting to find a grimoire, they instead uncover a mysterious package hidden in a cave.


Bobbi unfolded the cloth wrapping to reveal a small silver statue of a horse with a sharp horn protruding from its brow. It should have been whimsical, except a rusty brown substance covered the horn. 


“That’s blood,” Quinn said. “If your mother left it for you, it’s probably keyed to you.” 


“It’s always about the blood, isn’t it?” She sighed, then looked to Quinn for approval. When he nodded, she stuck her finger with the horn. 


There are moments in time that seem to hold more weight than others, moments when forces converge, the gods look up from their great game of chess, and the universe holds its breath. This was one of those moments. 


Then the universe exhaled and all hell broke loose. 


The silver horse exploded in a ball of light leaving a huge leather-bound book in Bobbi’s hands. 


A creature shot into the clearing, its thin body topped by a bulbous head with enormous black eyes. Leathery wings spread from its back, waving frantically. 


“Divine lady! Run now! Take your treasure, most holy one, and go! Go! Go! Before the dark one comes!” 


A spear of lightning exploded against the cliff.


The creature shrieked and disappeared into the trees, trailing a long sinewy tail.


Another bolt hit the wall, and a woman stepped from the trees. Quinn pulled Bobbi behind him and threw up a ward.


“Hidden Coven is the best boxed set I’ve ever read.” ~Readers’ Favorite. 


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