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Reviewers Love Hibernaculum!

The first reviews of Hibernaculum are in. They like it! They really like it! Here’s a snippet from the first of five reviews on Readers’ Favorite:


Hibernaculum is a thought-provoking, lyrical and gorgeously written work that is highly recommended.

Kim McDougall’s short story collection, Hibernaculum, transports the reader into a succession of alternative worlds, each more fantastic and vivid than the last. I enjoyed the darkly humorous title story with its imaginative post-apocalyptic wildlife and naive tourists, and found it a welcome change from the all-too-common dystopian melange of flesh-eating zombies. McDougall presents an intriguing juxtaposition of the wild places as seen through a Coyote’s eyes and those of his clients. Luminari is a poignant and lovely homage to classic vampire tales, and Devon’s trip to the old country evoked memories of my first reading of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In Barbegazi, I felt the author saved her best for last. There’s beauty and majesty in the Fabian highlands and their harsh and snowy winters, and Etien’s coming of age is particularly stirring and profound. 


Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


Fans of classic fantasy themes such as dystopia and paranormal romance, will love the original spin Kim McDougall puts on these tropes by injecting them with fresh new lore, atmosphere and quirky characters. Get your copy at Amazon now!

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