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Emil's Story

Emil's story is ready! Thorn of Vioska went out as a free ebook to all my newsletter subscribers today! Did you miss out? There's still time to grab your free copy. I'll be sending out another email reminder on June 27th. Subscribe before then to get your copy! 

Are you an email subscriber already, and you didn't get your copy of Thorn of Vioska? It may have gone to your spam folder. Please check there first. If you still don't see it, CONTACT ME and include the email address you used to subscribe so I can verify. Then I'll hook you up with your free ebook. 

Thorn of Vioska is my gift to all the readers who stuck with Kyra through nine novels and four novellas. You cannot know how grateful I am that readers enjoyed these stories and kept asking for more. It meant that I could finally make my dream to be a full-time writer true. It meant that I found readers who feel the same feels as I do, who love critters of all kinds as much as I do, and who fill my life with joy and connections.
Reader wrangler rule #1: Always thank your readers and remember how blessed you are to have them.
So thank you.
Because of Amazon's terms of service, I cannot give an ebook away while it is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. So this free ebook link will expire on June 30th. On July 5th, I will put it up for sale on Amazon and enroll it in Kindle Unlimited. It will also be available in paperback format at that time. Be sure to claim your free ebook before then!
In other news, I have a new grandson! Baby Liam is only a few weeks old and we are off to Chicago this week to meet him. I can't wait to get my hands on that little one! 
As always, I love hearing from you and feel free to respond with questions or comments right in the comments or on the Inbetween Facebook group. But if I take a little longer to respond, it's because I'm busy sniffing baby toes!

More Book Related News

During the Valkyrie Bestiary Trivia Cup, I revealed the cover for Book 1 of my new series, A Knack for Metal and Bone. Visit THE KNACK PAGE to see the cover and a little character sketch. 

The Indie Fantasy Addicts Summer Reading Challenge begins this week. Last year I joined this fun event as a reader, and this year I am a team captain for the Water Nymphs! It's a terrific event that helps to showcase some of the wonderful books being written by indie authors. You can read as much or as little as you want. There are points for every page read and games along the way. The reading challenge takes place on the IFA Facebook group, but there is a website that explains all the details, and you can find that by clicking the button below. 


Book Fairs & Events

There is so much good stuff happening in June! Check out these book fairs. There are new releases, books for Kindle Unlimited fans, and Kobo plus fans. Plus check out the last two events to fill your e-reader with hundreds of books in all fantasy genres! These events are limited to only a couple of days, so check your dates.

Spotlight Books

Hell Hath no Ambition: Ashuan Lust 2
Janna Ruth

Hell hath no ambition like a demon in politics
Jan had one hell of a year. First he lost his job, then he almost died, and now his parents are kicking him out. The last thing he needs on top of all that are Matt’s demon brothers wreaking havoc in Greenvalley.
It’s already nearly impossible to find a place to rent when you have no money; it’s absolutely hopeless when a magical storm blows through your town, you have to deal with snow-witch squatters, and possession by an ancient evil spirit. But Jan’s done being the butt of every demon’s joke. He’s determined to make a life for himself, monsters be damned.
If there’s one thing he’s learnt from demons, it’s that if you want to get ahead, be prepared to fight for your dues. Or die trying.

Get Hell Hath no Ambition Now


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