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It’s release day for Worlds Don’t Collide, Book 9 (and series finale) of the Valkyrie Bestiary!

If you pre-ordered, your book will be in your Kindle library. eBooks, paperbacks and hardcovers are now available. If you want to order it fresh of the press, you can find it HERE. Please note that some retailers take longer than others to admit books to their catalogues. 

Launch day is always exciting, but this one is bitter-sweet for me. Yesterday, I finished my edits for Emil's novella (Thorn of Vioska) and officially closed my file on the Valkyrie Bestiary. I started this series over 10 years ago. I wrote 4 complete manuscripts of different stories before I hit on the story that became Dragons Don’t Eat Meat.

During these early drafts, I had a strong woman with a sparkly sword who fell in love with a gargoyle. That character slowly made herself known to me, and at some point, I realized the stories were all about critters. That’s when I really felt like I’d found home.

Kyra and her critters have become like family to me. It won’t be easy letting go.

I want to thank you for being a Valkyrie Bestiary fan and for following Kyra’s journey to the end. I hope it's fulfilling for you.

After I have a little cry in the corner, I’m going to start working on 2 new series. I’m very excited about these and, in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing bits of my world building as these new worlds and characters come together.

In the mean time, please enjoy Kyra’s last hurrah! 

I'd love to hear what you think of the new book. Feel free to reply right in the comments. If you'd like to leave a review at your favorite site, use the Worlds Don't Collide Review page for easier linking. I truly appreciate any feedback.

About the Book

Critter wrangler rule #24: When the gods come knocking, don’t answer the door. ​

Kyra has been charged with a sacred duty—to wipe every filthy, blood-sucking vampire off the face of Terra’s earth. Starting a war with the vamps means she needs help, but her allies are scattered and squabbling amongst themselves.
When the vampires attack Montreal and Kyra’s family is threatened, she has no choice but to start the fight that will change their lives and the very shape of their worlds forever.

Launch Week Events

Valkyrie Bestiary Trivia Cup is coming on Saturday, June 8, 7-10pm EST. Come hang out in the Inbetween Discussion Group for some fun and prizes. The Trivia cup will stay open for 24 hours so everyone will have a chance to play. It will also be available on my website for those readers not on Facebook. Join the fun at one of these 2 links: 

Inbetween Discussion Group (on Facebook)
Trivial Cup Page (on my website)
Valkyrie Bestiary Signed Paperback Prize Pack: Last few days to enter this contest! Visit the VB Contest Page to enter. 

Book Fairs & Events

This week's book fairs are all about new stuff. Discover new worlds and find new stories in old favorites. 

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