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I'll keep it short today. I'm deep into edits for Valkyrie Bestiary Book 7 but I came up for air and to tell you that I finally have a title to reveal! Are you ready? Drumroll please....

Devils Don't Lie

That's Valkyrie Bestiary Book 7. And who is the devil? You'll have to wait and see. I hope to have pre-orders up soon. The cover is also underway and the reveal will be sometime in April with a May release date.

What do you think of the new title? I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can reply right in the comments.

Book News

Boxed Set Sale: In the last newsletter, I announced the second Valkyrie Boxed set. To celebrate, the first boxed set (books 1-3) is on sale for only $0.99. This is a great deal for 3 novels, plus 1 bonus prequel. If you've already enjoyed the VB books, consider gifting it to a friend or family member. Sale is on until March 22.

5 Days Free: Everyone's favorite pygmy kraken is free for another 2 days. Check out the Five Fabulous Days of Fantastic Freebies book fair below to get Three Half Goats Gruff plus a bunch of other great titles absolutely free, but only until March 19.

What is Kim Reading? 

This is the section where I let you know what books have caught my fancy in the last little while. And that's a two-way street. I'd love to hear about what you're reading. Feel free to let me know by replying right to this email. Follow me on Goodreads, to see all my recent reviews. So, here is my latest read. 

The Road to Faringale
Modern Magic #1
by Charlotte E. English

Set on the rolling hills of Britain, this cozy fantasy is first in a series. As employees of the Society for Magickal Heritage, it’s up to Cordelia “Ves” Vesper and a scrappy group of magicians, necromancers, and fae to investigate why a mysterious disease is wiping out the local troll population… Perfect for fans of Jodi Taylor!

Kim's Review:
This was such a fun book, I went ahead and listened to the next 2 in the series right away. They read like a cozy mystery, but with trolls, talking books and walking towers. These are those big fun with low stakes kind of books. There's action and mayhem, but also tea. Or rather hot chocolate from a magical pot. It reminded me a bit of Legends and Lattes, another popular low stakes fantasy. If you like that kind of thing, this series was terrific.

I have to say that I listened to the audiobooks. Diana Croft is an excellent narrator and really brought that cozy feeling home. My only criticism is that the MC is supposed to be in her 30s and the narrator sounded much older. Fans of the Outlander books will know what I mean. Still, that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the books. You can get all 3 books for less that $5 right now at Chirp.

Spotlight Books

Shadows & Vines
by C.D. Britt

Everything you know about the gods of Ancient Greece is a lie. Zeus. Hades. Poseidon. They do not exist as you’ve been told.

For centuries, Persephone, the true Ruler of the Underworld, has watched humanity destroy themselves and the world around them. Known for centuries as her alter ego, Hades, she has guarded the souls under her care, her only interaction outside of her realm as C.E.O. of the largest financial company in the world, Cerberus Financial. She is content with this, except a soul has called to her and her alone for thousands of years. One that she finds herself bound to in more ways than one.

Get Shadows & Vines

Midlife Magic & Magnolias
Meredith Carlisle

A house with “personality.” One ridiculously tall leprechaun. Two nachtmares. And three geriatric defenders straight out of the retirement village. These are my ducks, and they are not in a row.

Get Audiobook: Midlife Magic & Magnolias

Book Fairs

Below are the newest Book Fairs that I am taking part in, but there are many more on the Book Fairs Page. Click on the banners below for free books and great deals.

Of particular note this week, check out the first book fair asap. The freebies last only until March 19!

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