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Launch day is coming soon for Devils Don't Lie! It drops on May 16th. That's a Tuesday and not my usual newsletter day, but I'll be sending a special note that day because I have a gift for all members of the Reader's Group to celebrate! 
Tales from the Inbetween contains 6 deleted scenes and 1 original short story that you won't find anywhere else. That's right, it won't be on sale anywhere. So how do you make sure you get this free ebook? Sign up for the Readers' Group HERE, then white list my email address by adding it to your contacts when you get your first email. That way you won't miss out on any launch day fun (hint: I have more surprises coming.)

Here's a sneak peek at Tales from the Inbetween:

Before I wrote Dragons Don’t Eat Meat, I wrote four other books set in Kyra’s world. None of them sat well with me, and I put the project aside to write Hidden Coven. This excerpt is from one of those very early attempts to write Kyra’s story. In this version, some chapters were from Mason’s POV, and this is one of them. 

It shows the hours just before Kyra and Mason meet in the cemetery on the night that Kyra sets the moon frog free. I have done some light editing, mostly because the names in the original were different. Mason was originally named Tomas (can you imagine?). Anyway, please don’t take this excerpt as gospel in the Valkyrie Bestiary lore. Many things changed between this old version and the book that became Dragons Don’t Eat Meat

For instance, you’ll meet more Guardians who never made it into the final books. Also, the way Kyra and Mason meet (or re-meet) is a bit different here. And finally, one of the reasons that I dumped this original manuscript was because I found Mason to be too gloomy. You’ll see some of that gloom in this excerpt, but it gives an interesting peek into his mindset, and why he initially didn’t want to form an attachment to Kyra. 

Damnation - Mason POV

The sky was streaked with delicately bruised hues, infinite nuances of pink to purple to black. Mason watched it from the balcony of his home overlooking Dorion State Park. 
Another incredible sunset that he couldn’t look away from. 

He never slept until dark anymore—stuck, staring for hours at the same scene. There were worse scenes, but even the most beautiful could wear on a man’s sanity after a while. He’d watched a hundred thousand such sunsets and wondered if he could bear another.

His mind drifted…to a shadowed bridge, a sleeping troll and a beaten up woman watching him with scared eyes that begged him not leave her alone. But of course he had. The sun—his relentless master—had been about to rise and he’d left her to fate.

He jerked his thoughts back from that memory as if it burned. 

Silhouettes of trees faded against the red horizon. Mason waited. The first beat of night was coming…three…two…one…

Air. Breath. He sucked it in like a child’s first gasp. His body cracked to life, joints squealing in protest. His stomach lurched with the first waves of liquid acid as nausea hit. He closed his dry eyes. The change sickness would pass.

From stone to man in moments. It was a gargoyle’s life. The same life he had been living for over three-hundred years.
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What's Kim Reading?

This is a little section where I talk about books that catch my attention. I'd love to hear what you're reading too. Feel free to post it in the comments and let me know what you liked or didn't like.

This week, I finished Cursed Wolf by Brogan Thomas. I love a good wolf shifter story. Unfortunately, most of them are heavy on the romance and steam side. I think I read too many of those in my younger days and now I like something that is more plot and character driven. Cursed Wolf is definitely that.

Brogan Thomas has created a truly unique character with Forrest, a young wolf shifter with a heart-rending backstory. After being trapped for 14 years in her wolf form and mistreated by her pack protectors, Forrest must re-enter the human world and re-learn what it means to be a woman.

The world building feels effortless, and I was immediately immersed in the deadly dynamics of Forrest's pack. Forrest's transition from a scared, child-like character to a kick-a$$ hero was believable and engaging. I also really liked that this is a stand-alone novel. There are 3 other stand-alone's in the Creatures of the Otherworld series, and I'm assuming they each detail the early days of a different character. I've already picked up the next one, Cursed Witch, and I'm looking forward to digging in. 

Get Cursed Wolf, by Brogan Thomas HERE.

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Spotlight Book

Hemlock Hollow Book 1
by Sandra Kaye
Raised in the system since the age of ten, Raine has spent the entirety of her nearly forty years believing she was an orphan without family. An abusive husband has kept her alone and isolated. Until a chance meeting changed everything she thought she knew.

 Thrust into a world of magic the likes of which not even her books could rival, Raine finds herself neck deep in an age old battle she knows nothing about and her ignorance could get her killed.

Liam Grimm has known his whole life that he had an intended mate. That he held a piece of her soul and she his. That together the two of them along with her other mates were meant to lead the witch community. He just has no clue how to find her or if she will ever return. 

Get Witch by Sandra Kaye now

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