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I Brake for Snails

Despite my protesting knees, I try to walk every day. And since there is a lovely wooded path nearby, I often see critters--squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies, but I've also seen a mink, a raccoon, geese, herons, salamanders, snakes and many, many snails. They come out after it rains and it breaks my heart to see them squished on the path from bikers. So I usually stop and move them off to the side. I always wonder if it's really traumatic for them to see a giant hand coming down then being uprooted and moved a dozen feet (which is a world away for them). And yes, that's how authors come up with stories.


imageHere's a cutie that I found on the path this week. Just like Kyra in in Dragons Don't Eat Meat, snails fascinate me--the way they glide across the ground, their funny little eye stalks, and the perfect work of art that is their shell. Truly one of our world's magnificent wonders.


Here's a snippet from Dragons Don't Eat Meat about how Kyra gets the best gift for a critter-lover.


“I have something for you.” Mason pulled a small glass terrarium from the bookshelves that lined one entire wall of the room. “In truth, he came along for the ride from the Inbetween without permission. I found him in my bag when I was unpacking, and I don’t recognize the species. I’m afraid to put him in the garden and have him eat all my roses.” 


imageI peered inside the case. A small snail sat on a pile of leaves. It had a brilliant hued shell, all in jewel tones—green, pink and blue. 


“You know most girls get flowers.” 


“Well, you’re not most girls.” He watched me with a worried expression, his eyes flicking down to my lips and back to my eyes. 


“I love it.” And I did. Mason could have squashed the gastropod under his shoe. He could have flushed it or left it outside in a strange environment to die. Only someone who really got me would understand that I would love to take in a lost little snail. I squeezed his arm and he smiled a small, tight smile. 


Dragons Don't Eat Meat is now available in paperback and eBooks are available at pre-order prices. Launch is August 15th!

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