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Valkyrie Bestiary Book 6 is now available for pre-order! Ghouls Don't Scamper will be releasing October 13, 2022! Along with the cover for that, I'm thrilled to announce a second new release for the fall!

That's right. The super secret project is no longer secret! Coming this November, treat yourself to a new Valkyrie Bestiary Holiday Tale: Oh, Come All Ye Dragons.

**Edited for paperback information** eBooks are now available for pre-order. Paperback for Book 6 will be available on or about the release date with hardcover and audiobook to follow. I will try to get the paperback up a few days before release so that book sniffers can enjoy the release at the same time. The holiday novella will only be released as an eBook at this time. It may get collected in a paperback at a later date.

And now for the cover reveals! Blurbs included. To see the images enlarged, read a snippet or get pre-order info, click on the covers. And enjoy!

Ghouls Don't Scamper
Valkyrie Bestiary Book 6
Available October 13, 2022

Critter wrangler rule #17: even the smallest creature can be big in magic.

Kyra Greene never thought she’d return to Asgard. Not after she burned the Rainbow Bridge, the only road home. Now she has no choice. With her unborn child’s life at stake, she must find a new route to the old world, or die trying. 

Asgard will bring up ghosts of her past and Kyra will have to atone for her crimes, but none of that is as important as saving the life of her child—until a ghoul infestation threatens the very fabric of Asgard itself.

Can Kyra find the source of the ghouls before Asgard becomes the next Terra and falls into a war of magic and demons?

Pre-order now!

Oh, Come All Ye Dragons
A Valkyrie Bestiary Holiday Tale
Available November 10, 2022

The Inbetween is full of magic, monsters and marauders. But it’s also full of booty, if you know where to look. And Between the Green Reclamation Services knows just where to find those resources that are so scarce and valuable in the post- Flood-War era. 

But when dragons nest on a valuable copper reclamation site, who do they call? Kyra Greene. No pest too large or too small. 

Now Kyra must leave home days before her baby’s first Christmas, for a three-day trek into the wilds. Can she convince a stubborn dragon queen to move her nest before BG Reclamation brings in the guns?

Kyra Greene’s new adventure into the Inbetween turns into a rollicking girls’ weekend away and brings her face to face with some old friends even as she comes out of her comfort zone to make new ones.

Oh, Come All Ye Dragons, A Valkyrie Bestiary Christmas Tale takes place after the events of Book 6, Ghouls Don’t Scamper.

Pre-order now!

Art for both covers was done by the very talented Kayla Schweisberger. I love how she never even blinks when I come up with some crazy idea.

"Hey, Kayla, can you make a blue dragon wrapped in Christmas lights like a tree. And oh, there should be a baby yeti with wings trying to put a star on it."

"Sure thing!" Kayla never says no. And her imagination is proven by her talent. I love my new covers! I hope you'll check them out!

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Kim McDougall

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