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Valkyrie Bestiary Book 5 is almost here! And I’m thrilled to finally be able to show off the new cover.

Critter wrangler rule #13: Where there’s one carnivorous horse, a herd will follow.


Kyra Greene, pest-controller of fantastic beasts, is moving into her new digs. With some help from an industrious goblin family, Mason has renovated the barn on his property just for her. But while her furred, feathered, and scaled family settles in, Kyra and Mason face the trials of living together as a couple. It doesn’t help that Mason is dealing with the dark aftermath of their trip to the Nether. 


Or that Kyra gets a stunning message from her estranged cousin, Gunora, asking for bail money.


How can Gunora be in Montreal? Does she even know that Kyra burned the only bridge to Asgard, cutting them off from their Valkyrie family? 


Gunora’s plea for help sets a new Inbetween adventure in motion, where Kyra and her crew will find themselves breaking into Grandill Prison and going to war against a herd of carnivorous kelpies. 


Maybe—just maybe—this time Kyra will set past wrongs to right. But first she must save Gunora from a wrongful conviction and a fate worse than death.


Kelpies Don’t Fly is Book 5 of the Valkyrie Bestiary Series and will release March 15, 2022. Read a snippet HERE.


Pre-order now to take advantage of special pre-release pricing!





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