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Happy Book Birthday!

Grimalkins Don't Purr releases today!

It's the second day of fall. The weather here is rainy and bl…

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I Need Your Input

I took a week off to visit with my mother in August and then went camping for a weekend. It was a wo…

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Dervishes Don't Dance Audiobook Now Pre-ordering.

What I really like about pre-ordering books is that they miraculously appear on my reader or liste…

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A Free Valkyrie Bestiary Tale

I've been sitting on this surprise for a while, but I can finally give it a big shout out!


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Grimalkins Don't Purr is now pre-ordering!

Book 4 of the Valkyrie Bestiary is coming September 23, 2021! In Grimalkins Don't Purr, Kyra Greene …

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Win a Valkyrie Bestiary Hardcover Prize Pack

July is my birthday month. I won’t tell you how old I am (ahem) but let’s just say, it’s a miles…

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Sunshine, daisies & bubble wrap

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking Maggie, the hell-hound-in-training, when I tripped and busted u…

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Title reveal: Valkyrie Bestiary Book 4 will be...

Book 4 of the Valkyrie Bestiary Series is coming Fall 2021!

As soon as I have cover art, I'll hav…

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Happy, Happy Book Birthday

The Girl Who Cried Banshee, a Valkyrie Bestiary Tale is now available!

Kyra Greene is a pest cont…

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New Critters in the Valkyrie Bestiary

I'm getting ready to release The Girl Who Cried Banshee into the world. New releases are always exci…

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Cover Reveal: The Girl Who Cried Banshee

I've had so many readers send me notes asking for more of Kyra's story. These notes, whether by emai…

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Audio Book Give-away

Iiiiiiit's here! The first Valkyrie Bestiary audio book is now ready! That's right, you can now expe…

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When the magic spills over

I have some exciting freebie news for you (scroll down for that). But first, a very thoughtful revie…

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Valkyrie Bestiary Audiobook

The first Valkyrie Bestiary audiobook will be launching April 27th! And bonus--it includes not only …

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope this lovely spring weekend finds you safe and well. We are about to go into…

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What's your creature catastrophe score?

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that I love animals of all kinds. Furred, feat…

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Ask me anything!

I get asked a lot of questions about writing, reading and my books (both published and works-in-prog…

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Who Let the Hounds Out

Hell Hounds Don't Heel releases today! I'm thrilled to bring you this third book in the Valkyrie Bes…

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Your story choices & book release schedule

The results are in! Last week I asked for feedback on potential side stories for Kyra and her menage…

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Help an Author Out

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