Kim McDougall

Valkyrie Bestiary Reading Order

The full length novels of the Valkyrie Bestiary should be read in order because there are definite character and story arcs to follow. The shorter novellas and novelettes add details to Kyra's backstory, and don't need to be read in any order to be enjoyed. 

The covers on this page (below) are shown in chronological order of the stories in Kyra's time. Click on any cover to read more about each book. However, while the prequels all work well as standalone stories, readers may appreciate them more after being immersed in Kyra's world. Here's the reading order I would suggest:

  1. Dragons Don't Eat Meat
  2. Three Half Goats Gruff
  3. Dervishes Don't Dance
  4. The Girl Who Cried Banshee
  5. Hell Hounds Don't Heel
  6. The Last Door to Underhill
  7. Grimalkins Don't Purr
  8. Kelpies Don't Fly
  9. Ghouls Don't Scamper
  10. Oh, Come All Ye Dragons

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