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Welcome To My World of Dark and Sexy Fiction

I get excited by genre fiction that crosses boundaries, especially into the literary. Dark. Creepy. Sensual. Lyrical. Historical. These adjectives are my paintbrushes and the fantasy genre is my canvas. I draw from mythology, history and current events to build unique worlds and people them with characters I would love to know better. Sometimes, the bad guy steals the show.

Here you will meet some of the characters of my imagining. Beware. Some of them bite.


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Soothed by Magic: Hidden Coven Series, Book 2
When Bobbi attracts a new admirer, Quinn breaks all the rules to keep them apart. It’s not that he’s jealous. Okay, he’s burning with jealousy, but William Fain is not what he seems. And with the demon Koro’s agent loose in Ashlet, Quinn isn’t taking any chances with Bobbi’s safety or the fate of the Hidden Coven.