Kim McDougall Author

As co-founder and CEO of Castelane, I work with independent authors and small publishers to create dynamic promotions for books and book designs. Visit for book trailers, book cover designs, ghost writing and editing services.  

I am also a proud member of the Writers' Community of York Region.

About Me

If I could have one magical superpower, it would be to talk to animals. Or maybe to shift into animal form. Definitely, fantastical critters and magic often feature in my stories. So until I can change into a griffin and fly away, I write dark paranormal action and romance tales. I am also passionate about fiber art, photography, children’s literacy, rescue animals, nature, and genre-bending fiction.

Why 3 Pen Names?

Am I a secret agent trying to hide my identity? No.

Pen names are important for managing reader expectations.
I write Supernatural Suspense as Kim McDougall and Paranormal Romance as Eliza Crowe.

Paranormal Romance stories depend on the romance to carry the plot.

Paranormal Suspense relies more on intrigue, mystery and the fantastic worlds I build (though there may still be some kissy-kissy stuff). 

Also, some like it hot. And some don’t. To be sure my readers get what they expect, I separated the genres by pen name. You can also check the heat level rating on each book page. 

Finally, I write adorable children’s books as Kim Chatel. I illustrated my award-winning Rainbow Sheep picture book with fiber art, and I love bringing it to craft fairs to sell alongside my needle-felted creations. If you’d like to learn more about my children’s books, please visit