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A pest-controller with a soft heart can easily end up with an apartment full of rescues. When Kyra finds an abandoned baby dragon, she doesn’t want to bring him home, but until she hunts down the brute trying to kill all dragons and start a civil war among the fae, she’s on babysitting duty.

And so begins Dragons Don't Eat Meat, book 1 of the Valkyrie Bestiary Series.

With over 2800 ★★★★★ reviews, see why readers are calling Dragons Don’t Eat Meat a laugh-out-loud adventure with delightfully evil critters and a slow-burn romance. And more than one reader has said, "I want to be a fae pest-controller too!

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If I could have one magical superpower, it would be to talk to animals. Or maybe to shift into animal form. Definitely, fantastical critters and magic often feature in my stories. So until I can change into a griffin and fly away, I write dark paranormal action and romance tales. I am also passionate about fiber art, photography, children’s literacy, rescue animals, nature, and genre-bending fiction.

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Launch Day: Worlds Don't Collide

It’s release day for Worlds Don’t Collide, Book 9 (and series finale) of the Valkyrie Bestiary! If you pre-ordered, your book will be in your Kindle library. eBooks, paperbacks and hardcovers are ...

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Launch Week Events & News

Launch day is in less than one week! Wow, I can hardly believe it. Along with polishing up the final book, I've been busy creating some fun events for this launch. It's not every day that you publi...

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1, 231,498 words

The countdown is on! There’s less than 3 weeks left until the Valkyrie Bestiary Series finale drops! I have some fun stuff planned for the release (see more on that below).  As I finalize the text ...

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