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Revise to Write

Edit Your Novel, Get Published and Become a Better Writer

Whether you choose the self-publishing route or a traditional publisher, good revision skills are essential for every writer. Publishers are looking for print-ready quality. They have little time or money to invest on editing. For the independent author, good revision skills are even more important when reviews for poor editing can kill book sales. But polishing your own work can be tricky. Revise to Write will help you analyze your manuscript on the macro and micro levels to get a thoroughly critical overview. 

There’s no point to proofreading a manuscript that has major structural flaws. Start with the basic building blocks to make sure your foundation is solid. The Nuts and Bolts section helps you analyze your structure, plot and characters. Then work down to a scene-by scene review of dialogue, point of view, description, pacing and more. In the Nitty Gritty section, refine your prose with thoughtful line edits and tips for effective proofreading. 

Includes checklists for each section, writing exercises to help you over trouble spots, resources for finding beta readers and other writing tools.

5-Star Reviews:

"Jam-packed with great lessons and invaluable insight, Revise to Write is a resource you'll use time and again...It's truly a gem." - Seattle Book Review

"The quality of the book blew me away. The author has covered absolutely every topic, from creating a good structure, brainstorming ideas, to the more advanced subject of the importance of flaws in a character and creating a hook in the plot...I cannot praise this book highly enough. Not only has the author filled this book with so much advice and guidance, Kim McDougall has also included a further reading and resource section. I am going to recommend this to every writer who is starting out. A perfect guide!" - Readers' Favorite

"...That information is so comprehensive and easily digested, that I'd urge any aspiring novelist to read this guide *before* you start to write your book--because the better the first draft, the easier its revision will be. Five stars." Douglas Smith, Writer & Three-time Aurora Award Winner