Kim McDougall Author

Shifted Dreams Series

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Do you like a little a little more heat in your paranormal? Love a good alpha shifter but want a great story to go along with the romance?

In Shifted Dreams, shifters and humans live in a precarious truce. Shayna and Chris come from opposite ends of this world, but when they come together, they prove that such differences mean little in the face of true love.

If you like shifter romance with plenty of heat and suspense, you’ll love this sizzling new paranormal romance series, Shifted Dreams

Series FAQ

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Q: Is the series complete?
    A: No.

Q: How many books are you planning in this series?
    A: Right now, I’m planning one more book to complete Shayna’s trilogy. But there is a possibility of a spin-off book (I think Landon should have a story) or a prequel short story (to tell Chris’s tale).

Q: Are the books available in print?
    A: Not yet. Individual titles are novellas (about 100 pages) and too short to be cost effective to print. When the series is complete, it will be available in print as a boxed set.

What They're Saying 

"Pick Your Monster is book #1 in the ‘Shifted Dreams Series’ that grabbed my attention from the start & kept me turning pages... With smoking hot PNR & a different plot, great characters & descriptions, I found myself not wanting to stop reading when I had to!"