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First reviews are in!

Unicorns Don't Cry released last week and the first reviews are very positive! This one made me chuckle:     Who knew that getting your soul crushed could be so much fun? And I love this one too.    It was a hard book. Hard to write too. I wanted the depth of Kyra’s emotion to come across on t...

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That's right, Valkyrie Bestiary Book 8 is finally here! If you pre-ordered an eBook, it should be in your Kindle library. If you've been waiting to grab it with Kindle Unlimited, you can do that now! Paperbacks and hardcovers are also available. I know you're eager to get right into reading, ...

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Meet the new critters

The results are in from last newsletter's poll. The overwhelming majority want to see more farmyard tales, despite the liquids that were spewed after reading about Booker's teeth and sheath day. If you missed that story, you can still catch it on last week's Blog.    There's a lot of news thi...

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