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The results are in from last newsletter's poll. The overwhelming majority want to see more farmyard tales, despite the liquids that were spewed after reading about Booker's teeth and sheath day. If you missed that story, you can still catch it on last week's Blog
There's a lot of news this week, so I'm going to keep this intro short and just share with you some new critters coming in Valkyrie Bestiary Book 8. Some of these will have posts on Kyra's blog. Others are just encounters in the wild. I'm very excited for you to meet them! Post your favorite in the comments below.

You might remember the shar-lil as the little coconut critter Kyra found in Book 7. What is in that shell? To be revealed in Book 8!

Book News, Contests & More

We're 2 weeks away from a new adventure in the Inbetween! Unicorns Don't Cry releases October 19, 2023!
And Amazon has finally made pre-orders available for paperback and hardcover! Hallelujah! It's near the tail-end of pre-orders for this release, but I set it up anyway. Paperbacks and hardcovers are slated to release October 16, 2023. Note that it may take some time for the pre-orders to show up in all internationals stores.  
Critter wrangler rule #20: You can’t save them all.
Rage is boiling inside Kyra. Friends are dead, the world is burning, and her husband is…gone, his body and mind taken over by a demon. Death would have been kinder. But she can’t kill a demon, so Kyra must hunt down the creature wearing Mason’s face and do the unthinkable—trap him for all eternity in a bloodstone.
In between hunting expeditions, Kyra continues to rescue critters in need, including a unicorn whose rage matches her own after spending years as a frat house mascot, and the  shar-lil, a creature of immense power whose destiny has yet to reveal itself.
Can Kyra stop a demon, save her growing family and still be an advocate for those creatures who have no voice of their own?
Unicorns Don’t Cry is Book 8 of the Valkyrie Bestiary, a dark and humorous Urban Fantasy series.


Devils Don't Lie, Valkyrie Bestiary Book 7 is now in audio production. Yay! The audiobook should be available before Christmas.
Spotify now offers 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening to eligible paid premium subscribers in the United Kingdom and Australia. I suspect they will roll out this model to other countries soon. I love this idea because Spotify is poised to provide real competition to Audible. If you already have a premium Spotify account, you're all set to listen to audiobook for free!
The International Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors (IASFA) is hosting a Kindle Paperwhite give-away. Sign up for their newsletter to get free and $0.99 deals on ebooks, and enter for a chance to win.
Flash Sale! Dragons Don't Eat Meat is on FREE for 1 day only! Today! Click on the image below to check out the huge stuff-your-Kindle sale with 100+ free ebooks to choose from.


Valkyrie Bestiary Cage Fights 

Week 7: Heavy Weight Division—Supreme Valkyrie Beast Round 3
Dragon vs Chimera

You pick the winner, but you've got to tell me why. Who would win in a battle between a dragon and a chimera? To be clear, the battle is between a full grown dragon (ie: not Ollie!) and a chimera.

Hmm. This will be a tough one to call. They’ve both got that fiery breath and wings. Who’s your choice in this terrifying match-up?
Vote now on the Valkyrie Bestiary Discussion Group. Or visit the Cage Fight Arena to see past winners.

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Spotlight Books

Captured by Wolves
Shifter Moon 1
Fiona Starr

A hacker witch with a price on her head, three wolf princes without a throne, and a destiny none of them expected.

Tonight’s the night. One last job and I am out of here. After years of being an indentured witch, hacking and stealing for the mob, I am done.

But I won’t be leaving empty handed…

I’ll be taking a large portion of my boss’ cash while also relieving him of my magical marker that’s he’s held over me for years. And I won’t be leaving alone apparently, because when I break into his secret dungeon, I discover a man in chains. He’s a tall, dark, and tragically wounded, and based on the security around him, he’s pretty valuable, so I take him too.

Imagine my surprise when he opens his eyes and shouts, but not in fear—he’s carrying on about how he’s found the one. I think he might be crazy because I think he might mean me.

I’d leave him behind if not for his eyes… they are full of deep pain and raise a longing within me like I’ve never known. I should be long gone, but abandoning him is not an option. Then his brothers arrive and I find that I am leaving, only now in the rear of a panel van with my hands tied behind my back.

Not exactly what I had planned.

I’m not supposed to be here, but they look at me like I am exactly what they ordered—their appetizer, dinner and dessert. All I wanted was my freedom. But there’s something about the three of them, something I can’t deny.

I never expected this. I never expected them.

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imPerfect Magic Series Sale!

After hundreds of years of dying, you'd think I would've perfected it by now...

One moment I'm a heretical priest in the twelfth century, hunted, hated...The next, I'm waking up in the nearest corpse. Stuck in a cycle of instant reincarnation, popping back up like a tarnished penny.

Fast forward eight hundred years, and you might think I’ve learned a thing or two. Nope. All I've learned is how to die far too easily, far too often.

Now my territory in the South of France is under threat and I find myself trapped by impossible angel-made runes. If the angels have gone full red lightsaber evil, it might not only be my territory in danger, but the whole of reality itself...

I need to stop whoever is behind this, and now. After all, you can’t come back to life, if there’s nothing left to come back to.

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