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I'm super excited to reveal the new cover for Valkyrie Bestiary Book 9! Isn't it beautiful! The artist, Kayla Schweisberger, really outdid herself this time. 
With the cover ready, that means pre-orders are up! Release date is June 6, 2024. Here's a little blurb:
Kyra has been charged with a sacred duty—to wipe every filthy, blood-sucking vampire off the face of Terra’s earth. Starting a war with the vamps means she needs help, but her allies are scattered and squabbling amongst themselves.
When the vampires attack Montreal and Kyra’s family is threatened, she has no choice but to start the fight that will change their lives and the very shape of their worlds forever.
Worlds Don’t Collide is the exciting conclusion to the Valkyrie Bestiary Series. 

Pre-order the eBook now!

As always, I discount the pre-orders so that you, my loyal readers, can save a some $. The price will go up to regular price on launch day. Amazon does not easily allow for paperback pre-orders, so I will make the paperback available a few days ahead of the ebook so that everyone can enjoy it at about the same time. 
On that note, I promised in the last post to talk about the cost of doing business in the publishing world with all those crazy-making problems that come from book pirates and ridiculous Amazon policies. If you missed that article, you can view it HERE. I still plan to discuss this topic, but not today. Today, I'm too excited about my shiny new cover!
So stay tuned for more book talk from the book dragon at a later date. And because there was such a huge response to last week's article, I'd like to throw out another offer to you. I usually do an Ask-me-anything night on FB during new book launches, but I thought it would be interesting to do it here too. 
Many of you might not know that for years, I taught seminars at local libraries on writing and book marketing. I've been in this industry for a long, long time. So, hit me with your burning questions about writing or publishing, and I'll try to answer some of them in upcoming newsletters. You can reply right in the comments below!
Alternately, for those who don't want to look behind the curtain at how the magic is made, ask me anything about the Valkyrie Bestiary Series. Is there a detail that you want clarified? Do you want to know more about a favorite critter or character? Ask away and I'll include these in future newsletters too. All questions will be posted anonymously, so don't be shy! Once again, you can reply right in the comments below.

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I've been thoroughly enjoying Jilleen Dolbeare's Splintered Magic Series. Splintered Destiny marks the series as complete! 

Splintered Destiny
Jilleen Dolbeare

Brigid is fighting for her business and her life on two fronts. First, the vampires want her gone so they can have the territory to control. Second the griffins are suspicious and hanging around. She promised her griffin friend she'd keep her babies a secret, and she's kept that promise, but the time is coming where it might not be possible anymore.

She's already had to shut down her inn once she realized she couldn't protect her clients. But she's fed up, done, finished with all the stress. She has thirteen elements to command, friends, allies, and a powerful Splintercat. It's time to take the fight to the enemy, and take back what's hers.

Stand in her way, that will be fun. Best case scenario, she deals with you on her own—worst case? She lets her cat do it.

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