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Yesterday, I officially finished the first draft of Worlds Don't Collide, the final book in the Valkyrie Bestiary Series. The writing of this one started of at top speed. I wrote the first half in record time. But the second half has been like opening a vein and writing in my own blood. The words just don't want to come and I think that's because I don't want to let go of Kyra and the family I created over 9 books. It makes me sniffle like Gita! 

But I did it, and I'm happy with the draft. It needs a lot of work because I'm always a messy first drafter. But after 9 books, editing no longer frightens me. I actually look forward to this process, which I estimate will take about a month. 
In the last newsletter I shared the cover reveal for Worlds Don't Collide, which will be releasing on June 6th. This time I want to share the full paperback wrap cover so you can see the rest of the amazing art created by Kayla Schweisberger. Look at those opji bloodsuckers!
And keep scrolling for a little snippet from the unedited draft.


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Here's an unedited snippet from Worlds Don't Collide. I say “unedited” because I'm still working on the rough draft and things can change from first to final draft. So please excuse any typos at this early point.
“It’s Saturday and the sun isn’t even up yet. Why are you?” I asked Raven.
“I just thought I could, you know, help with chores. Get them done faster.” He took a bite of a toast and tossed the crust at Princess who snapped it out of the air like a croc snatching a bird.
I squinted at Raven. He gazed at me with innocent eyes. Something was going on here. Raven never volunteered for chores.
“You promised him some driving time today,” Gita said. Her voice was raspy.
Of course. Raven would turn sixteen in March. He’d just earned his learner’s permit and was eager to start driving. The gods were shaking the world, but teenagers were still teenagers. The thought actually gave me some bit of comfort.
The world would go on.
“I’ll take you out after breakfast. But that means you have to help with the feedings, and…”
Raven was already putting his coat on and disappearing out the back door with Princess jumping at his heels.
“…and clean the cages!” I called after him.
Gita sniffed. “I can feed the little ones. Been doing it for almost ten years, you know.”
“I know. But I want you to rest today. That…episode was scary last night.” The memory of Gita’s unending wail still brought shivers. She poured herself more tea and dumped in a good dollop of honey.
“Can you tell me what happened?” I asked softly. “Grim called it a breaking.”
“That’s as good a description as any.” Gita sipped her tea and watched the sky lighten outside the window.
I prodded her. “You said it was a death but also a birth. How is that possible?”
“Don’t know.” She sniffed. “I felt the land die. And I felt it reborn. At the same time.” Another longer sniffle. “It shouldn’t be possible, but there it is.” She laid her open hands on the table and stared at them as if the answers could be found in the wrinkles of her skin.
The death and birth of Earth. Could she mean Terra? I sighed. Of course it was about Terra. 
Critter wrangler rule #23: When the gods come knocking, don’t answer the door.

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Hell Hath no Fury: Ashuan Lust 1
Janna Ruth

Hell hath no fury like a brother scorned

Last year was hell. And Matt grew up there. Just as he's begun to learn what it means to be human, his demon mother tempts him with a life-changing offer. Problem is, he’s not the only one she’s offered it to.

As Matt returns to Greenvalley for another year of school, love, and monster hunts, his half-brothers are out for blood. One has a thousand years more experience than him, while the other hunts humans for sport.

With his friends caught in the crossfire, lying low is not an option. But to accept the challenge, he’ll have to give up his hard-fought humanity, and with that, his life in Greenvalley, his friends, and the human girl he's somehow fallen in love with.

Hell Hath no Fury is the fourth book of the action-packed Ashuan series, kicking off the Ashuan Lust trilogy. If you like Buffy’s wit and snarky one-liners, the magic of Charmed, and the supernatural drama of the Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this monster-hunter urban fantasy series.

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Midnight Waters
Rosie Wylor-Owen

“In my family, when someone is born, another will die.”

A symbiotic curse has plagued the Arrowood and Everhart households for generations. When a new baby is born, a member of the ancient clans die. Only a truce between the warring families can break the deadly hex once and for all.

Upon hearing her cousin is in labour, Maeve Arrowood hurries home to find out which one of them will be next. But the loss of her uncle is the least of her worries when a young man is found dead in the sea under suspicious circumstances. Called in by the police, Maeve has no option but to reprise her role as a scuba diving police consultant to retrieve the body.

Unwittingly drawn into the investigation, Maeve is forced to work with the odiously handsome Ben Everhart. Obliged to put aside their differences, Maeve and Ben soon discover that a far deadlier danger has descended on the island of Dusk.

One that could destroy both families forever.

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