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Happy Book Birthday to Me!

Dervishes Don't Dance, Book 2 of the Valkyrie Bestiary releases today! Here are a few fun things to celebrate:

Deleted Scenes

Check out one of Kyra's first encounters with Jacoby, the dervish or get your adrenaline pumping as Kyra and Mason battle some unusual arachnids.
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Free Wallpaper

See the beautiful full cover art for Dervishes Don't Dance created by the very talented Pamela Francescut, and download it to use a your desktop wallpaper.
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Ask Me Anything

Curious about the unusual world that Kyra lives in? In the comments, ask me anything about the post-apocalyptic Montreal, Kyra's backstory or about her menagerie of critters. Any goes. As long as questions don't involve spoilers, I'll answer them all. The best ones will be featured on the WrongTree 
Press blog. 

Meet the Characters

Meet the characters in Kyra's life, some old friends and some new ones.
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Valkyrie Bestiary Blog

New blog posts for the critters in Dervishes Don't Dance are up on the Valkyrie Bestiary Blog.
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Sometimes you just need to hug your fire dervish. Like when he protects you from brownies. Or goes down into the scary basement with you because he’s proud to be your apprentice. 

Or when he saves the world.

Kyra Greene, pest controller to the extraordinary is back with a new adventure! 

A Guardian is dead. Fae are missing. And someone has let a golem loose in town. Ride along with Kyra Greene, the only pest controller qualified to deal with the strange and wonderful creatures that come out of the shadows when magic flares.

Dervishes Don’t Dance is the sequel to Dragons Don’t Eat Meat and the second book in the Valkyrie Bestiary Series.

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