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Spring is finally here! Woohoo! I don't think I've ever been happier to see grass. It was a long haul winter this year. Last week we had a terrible ice storm. That's right, the second week of April it was raining slush from the sky. By the afternoon on Wednesday, everything--sheds, deck, trees, power lines--was coated in ice. 
If you live in a place with temperate winters, you can't really grasp the danger of an ice storm. I went outside at 4pm to start the generator, when it was clear that the electricity wasn't coming back on anytime soon. I could hear trees cracking all around me. Quite unsettling. Turns out, when a tree falls in a forest it DOES make a sound. A really loud sound. 
We had no electricity for 3 days. Communities north of us were without for almost a week.
At least the crappy weather gave me time to proofread Devils Don't Lie. And the cover is finally done! As part of the Readers' Group, you're the first to see it. I'd love to know what you think of it. Feel free to reply right to this email.


Note the pre-order price is $3.99 (USD). That will go up to $4.99 on launch day. I do this so you, my loyal readers, get a bit of a break, so be sure to get it before launch day.  
Amazon makes pre-ordering paperbacks a nightmare, so pre-orders are for eBooks only. I will have the paperback up a few days early though, so that book-sniffers can get it at the same time as the release day.
Also, this ebook will include a link to a collection of deleted scenes (including a new one with Gabe and Emil) and a short story from Jacoby. If you are already part of the Readers' Group, you will get this collection free, so be sure to sign up launch day.
There's a tiny snippet for you to enjoy below, but first some other relate book news. 
The Hidden Coven Series has had a full make-over with new covers. Check them out HERE.
Audiobook schedule: I've had several people ask about the release schedule for audiobooks. The bad news is that Tantor (who produced the first 5 audiobooks) has decided not to continue with book 6. Their loss is my gain. I should have done the audiobooks myself from the very start, and now is my chance. The good news is that Hollie Jackson will continue as narrator. Book 6 will be available in August and Book 7 in October.
Merchandize Store: You might have noticed that I try to be as transparent as possible with my readers. So here's what's going on with the merch store. The business side of publishing can be tricky. My recent problems with Redbubble is a case in point. They recently shut down my account for “violating their guidelines.” Of course, they won't tell me which guideline was affected. I suspect this was done by a sweep of their bots. They saw that my artwork was copyrighted and hit the kill switch. The thing is, I own the copyrights. I have the contracts to prove it and all my artists are careful to get any licensing needed. Unfortunately, Redbubble's dispute system is also run by bots and I have little chance of proving my case. It's not worth the hassle, frankly. So for now, the merchandize store is on hold. I will revisit it later, when I have time to devote to it. 
ARC Team: I am still recruiting for my Advance Reader team. If you enjoy reviewing books and would like to get Valkyrie Bestiary books before anyone else, you might be a good candidate. There are some requirements, so be sure to read the guidelines carefully. You can sign up HERE.

Devil's Don't Lie - Snippet

In some ways, this was the most difficult Valkyrie Bestiary book to write because it's packed with feels. But in good Valkyrie Bestiary tradition, I added some lighter touches too. Here's a peek at one. 

We topped a ridge and Mason stopped to drink from his canteen. I bent to check my bandage. It was holding, but was already soaked in blood. Until I could rest and put that leg up, there would be no stopping it.
“Does it hurt?” Mason asked.
“Not much,” I lied.
I heard the worry in his voice and keened the nervous magic buzzing around him. I decided to diffuse the situation. I couldn't do anything about my leg, but I could keep Mason from wigging out and going dark again. Without turning, I  scooped up a handful of mushy snow and packed it into a missile. I whirled around and launched it in the same motion. It smacked him right in the middle of his chest.
With the canteen halfway to his lips, he looked down at the splotch of snow on his jacket and raised both eyebrows. A tiny smile quivered at the edge of his lips.
He carefully put the cap back on his canteen and stowed it in his pack. Then he bent, scooped and flung a wad of snow as fast as old Thor could throw lightning.



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Spotlight Books

The Warlord's Prize: Dread Lord's Fated Mate
by Emma Alison

I'm hunted, half dead from my father's assassin when I stumble on a vicious Khuldunian warrior. He is everything I need. Fearless, possessive, willing to protect me from my enemies in exchange for the only currency I have left.
My blood, and my body.
But our deal becomes so much more. His instincts drive him to lock me away, to guard me from danger, but I won't be caged again.
Even when I discover a secret that will change everything.
The Warlord's Prize is a spicy novella, prequel to His Secret Heir: Dread Lord's Fated Mate. For readers who enjoy possessive, protective alien warriors, devil's bargains, secrets and fated mates.



Protectors of Darkness
A World of Darkness Series Book 1
by Alice Longo

In a tyrannic post-apocalyptic world led by a psychopath
Everyone bears genetic modifications, and babies are only lab-made.
No one even remembers how humans used to reproduce.
My name is Ula, and I'm the daughter of our leader.
I have very restricted contact with the population.
But my new carpenter is awakening feelings I never thought I could have.
Unfortunately, the law forbids falling in love.
Protectors are here to ensure the respect of the code.
Any infraction could lead to deadly execution.
As engineered super armies, Protectors are enormous, with massive muscles and insensitive hearts.
But for some reason, risking my life doesn't worry me.
Until our physical exploration starts to affect my body ….in a strange way. 



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