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Tales from the Inbetween
Valkyrie Bestiary Series Outtakes

This eBook contains five deleted scenes and one short story, all set in the Valkyrie Bestiary world. Fans will recognize favorite characters and settings. Those who haven’t read the series…not so much, which is why I’m offering this book free, but only to the Valkyrie Bestiary Readers’ Group, who I know will appreciate it.

Each outtake includes a short explanation from moi about why the scene was cut and from which book. Scenes may include spoilers, so I suggest you don’t read them unless you’ve already read the books that are mentioned. 

Content Warning: click here for trigger warnings and heat levels.

Sneak Peek

Deleted Scene from Book 7, Devils Don't Lie

Gabe turned and shone his light down the long hall. “So what exactly are we hunting anyway?”

“A mammoth rat eater.” 

Gabe made that scrunchy face he did when something sounded off. “Like an elephant mammoth?”

“No. A spider. A big one.”

“Terrific. Venomous?”

“Mildly. Nothing a big guy like you can’t handle.” Emil patted his shoulder and squeezed the bulging muscle.

Gabe’s scowl turned into a grin. He leaned in and brushed his lips against Emil’s. It felt like a promise of things to come. 

“So what?” Gabe said. “You’ve got some magical trap or special spider pheromones to lure it in?”

“Nope. Just these.” Emil unslung the nets that hung on straps over his shoulder. “I brought one for you too.”

Gabe’s right eyebrow shot up. “You’re kidding me right? We’re supposed to trap a spider as big as an elephant with that?”

Emil laughed. “Its name might be an exaggeration. More cat-sized than elephant-sized.”

Gabe swore and shook his head. “A cat-sized spider. And that’s suppose to make me feel better?”

Emil shrugged. Being alone in a dark room with Gabe sure made him feel better, giant spider or not. He knew Kyra was depending on them, but he wondered how long he could drag out this little adventure. 

A black shape shot from the top shelf and flew at Gabe. Instinct jerked Emil’s hand up. He swatted it with the net, just inches from Gabe’s face. The spider shrieked and flew off on leathery bat-like wings.

“It flies?” Gabe’s voice rose in a squeak. “No one told me it flies! And what was that sound? Spiders don’t make that noise.”

Emil suppressed a laugh. “This one does.”