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Valkyrie Bestiary, Prequel

“Thank you for writing something original and good.” Amazon Reader

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Valkyrie Bestiary, Book 1  

“This book will make you laugh, cry, love and growl..." Amazon Reader

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Valkyrie Bestiary, Book 2

Available October 13, 2020

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Valkyrie Bestiary, Book 3

Available February 11, 2021.

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Valkyrie Bestiary Series

A pest-controller with a soft heart can easily end up with an apartment full of rescues. Book 1, Dragons Don’t Eat Meat begins with Kyra Greene finding an abandoned baby dragon, She doesn’t want to bring him home, but until she hunts down the brute trying to kill all the dragons and start a civil war among the fae, she’s on babysitting duty.

Readers are loving Dragons Don’t Eat Meat

“I want to be a supernatural pest controller too!”  

“Very funny”

“I was also sorry to see it end”

“10/10 recommend!”



In this scene, Kyra has just fought and wounded a poacher she found trying to trap a thunder of dragons. One little blue dragon keeps getting in her way.

I raised my sword for the killing blow.

And the clumsy blue dragon bumped into me again.

“Quit it!” I said turning my attention away from the unconscious poacher.

The dragon sat back on his haunches and watched me. His stubby wings flared open and closed like bellows breathing air into his lungs. He stood no taller than my hip, with dark blue scales on his limbs grading to lighter blue on his pear-shaped belly. He had the big, copper eyes of an anime character and a blunt snout, speckled with silver freckles. A soft fluff of blue feathers crested his head.

He was ridiculously cute.

“This is your fault.” I pointed my sword at the poacher. The little dragon wagged his tail.

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