Kim McDougall

Content Warnings

Not everyone wants to know what happens before they start reading, but I recognize that some readers value trigger warnings. Others prefer to read books with little or no sex on the page, while some like it hot. Rather than include those details on the book page, which can provide spoilers, I compiled them here. Check out the content warnings for your favorite series. 

Valkyrie Bestiary Series

The Valkyrie Bestiary Series portrays violence (sword fights, guns fights, kidnappings). There are themes of child abuse and death of a loved one. Book 8 deals with violence that might be triggering to domestic abuse survivors.

Because the main character (Kyra) works in animal rescue, there is inevitably some animal abuse discussed. In Book 1, Kyra must deal with the death of a pet. In Book 8, she takes in a new rescue animal that has been badly abused.

This series is more action-adventure, with a minor romantic plot. Heat level is low with fade-to-black intimate scenes. Suggested reading age is 16+.

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Hidden Coven Series

The Hidden Coven Series portrays a young witch just coming into her powers. It features violence in the form of sword fights against non-human creatures. In Book 2, the main character (Bobbi) is held against her will in a way that may be triggering to survivors of domestic abuse. There is also an attempted sexual assault by a non-human power.

This series features action-adventure and romance in equal proportions. Heat level is medium-high with a few short but descriptive intimate scenes. Suggested reading age is 18+.

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Shifted Dreams Series

The Shifted Dreams Series portrays themes of domestic abuse, kidnapping, loss of a child, child abuse and hunting of small game. 

This series is a paranormal romance with a high heat level (ie: descriptive intimate scenes). Suggested reading age is 18+.

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