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Unicorns Don't Cry

Valkyrie Bestiary Series, Book 8

Critter wrangler rule #20: You can’t save them all.

Rage is boiling inside Kyra. Friends are dead, the world is burning, and her husband is…gone, his body and mind taken over by a demon. Death would have been kinder. But she can’t kill a demon, so Kyra must hunt down the creature wearing Mason’s face and do the unthinkable—trap him for all eternity in a bloodstone.
In between hunting expeditions, Kyra continues to rescue critters in need, including a unicorn whose rage matches her own after spending years as a frat house mascot, and the shar-lil, a creature of immense power whose destiny has yet to reveal itself. 
Can Kyra stop a demon, save her growing family and still be an advocate for those creatures who have no voice of their own?

Unicorns Don’t Cry is Book 8 of the Valkyrie Bestiary, a dark and humorous Urban Fantasy series.

Content Warning: click here for trigger warnings and heat levels.

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Sneak Peek

The kid on the other end of the line sounded frantic. “Please! You have to come. They…they think it’s a joke, but it’s going to kill me!” I adjusted my estimate of his age. This wasn’t a kid. Maybe a teenager or college student. I wasn’t ruling out the possibility of a prank call.

“I’m sorry, but the office is closed. If this is an emergency please call Hub Station.” I glanced at the screen on my widget. The kid’s name registered as Marcus Amulius. 

“I can’t! They won’t come again.”

Marcus started to cry and babble about giant teeth and being kicked. He paused in his tirade to…was he blowing his nose? 

Something in the background screeched. The sound was halfway between a mule’s bray and a hyena’s laugh. Oh, crap. Only one creature I knew of made that sound.

The kid wailed. The background noise dimmed as if he’d changed locations. I heard shuffling sounds and bangs, then his voice again, this time low and slurred as if his lips were pressed right to the microphone.

“Please hurry. It’s going to eat me! The Grey Nun’s Building.” 

The call dropped. 

And that’s how I went from doing my bookkeeping on a rainy April afternoon to driving across town to the University to hunt a unicorn.