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Ask me anything!

I get asked a lot of questions about writing, reading and my books (both published and works-in-progress). I’ve been in this biz for a long time, and I even mentor other writers through workshops at my local libraries. I love answering questions! So ask away. Is there anything about Kyra&r...

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Who Let the Hounds Out

Hell Hounds Don’t Heel releases today! I’m thrilled to bring you this third book in the Valkyrie Bestiary Series. If you pre-ordered Hell Hounds, it should be waiting for you on your Kindle. Don’t you love getting surprise books? I know I do, and I want to give a heartfelt than...

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The results are in! Last week I asked for feedback on potential side stories for Kyra and her menagerie of wild and whacky critters. Of the 5 choices, the overwhelming winner was the origin story of how Kyra met her banshee roommate, Gita. This makes me very happy because I’ve already star...

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