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The results are in! Last week I asked for feedback on potential side stories for Kyra and her menagerie of wild and whacky critters. Of the 5 choices, the overwhelming winner was the origin story of how Kyra met her banshee roommate, Gita. This makes me very happy because I’ve already started on this story, and hope to bring it to you soon. 
nIf you missed out on the poll and would like to drop your 2 cents, you still can. 

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Valkyrie Bestiary 2021 Release Schedule

Sorting out upcoming stories has also let me arrange my tentative release schedule for 2021. I say tentative because I’ve learned that life if ever-changing and full of surprises. But if all goes well, here is the coming release schedule for the Valkyrie Bestiary Series. 

April 2021: Gita origin novella 
nMay 2021: Valkyrie Bestiary Boxed set (includes books 1-3 + 2 novellas)
nJuly 2021: Kyra spin-off novella 
nOctober 2021: Valkyrie Bestiary Book 4
nNovember 2021: Valkyrie Bestiary Book 5
nDecember 2021: Holiday novella featuring the return of Ollie


You’ll notice that there will be no new full-length books until October. This is partly because my amazing cover artist, Pamela Francescut has gone back to school and won’t be available until then. I can’t imagine releasing a book without her amazing art to grace the cover. It is also partly because I can’t write faster than that. There was less than 4 months between books 2 and 3 and it nearly killed me. I know some authors can write and publish faster, but I’m not one of them. So this schedule will allow me to write books 4 & 5 back to back, then polish and publish them nearly simultaneously, so you’ll be able to read them one right after the other. And I’m really excited for the Ollie holiday book, but you’ll get no more from me about that one yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this schedule. Feel free to reply right to this email.

And don’t forget that Launch day for Hell Hounds Don’t Heel is less than a week away! Pre-order now to get $ and get it at pre-release prices. 

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