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Do Will O'Wisps Poop?

Okay. Maybe I'm a little preoccupied with poop. One of my readers recently posted this review of Dragons Don't Eat Meat on Amazon:

It's my new favorite review!

But the question about will o'wisps stands, and here's why.

I spent last weekend on an informal writing retreat with some wonderful friends who never fail to inspire me. We walked, read, played games and ate some great meals. Through all that, I managed to get a good chunk of Hell Hounds Don’t Heel written. That always feels great. 

On All Saints Day, I wandered around an old cemetery near our cabin to get in the mood to write a key scene in which Kyra and her new will o’wisp buddies explore a cemetery and find some lurking ghosts. 

I shot a few creepy photos and videos and I was pretty excited to see an unidentified orb on one video. Check it out in the video below. What do you think? Ghost, will o’wisp or something else?

As we saw in Dragons Don't Eat Meat, all critters must eat and poop. So, while I was brainstorming this scene in the middle of a (potentially haunted) cemetery, I wondered, what would wisps eat? This led to some pretty odd thoughts, like maybe wisps hunt pixies or maybe they eat star dust. And if they poop, does it drop down like bird poop? Maybe it would have tremendous medicinal properties. Would it glow in the dark?

Yes, these are the twisted paths my mind wanders on. Don't ever peek at my browser history.

What do you think will o'wisps would eat (or poop)? Help an author out and feel free to reply right in the comments below.

Book 3 of the Valkyrie Bestiary Series, Hell Hounds Don't Heel, is set to launch in February, 2021, but you can start your adventure with Book 1, Dragons Don’t Eat Meat.

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