Kim McDougall

n“It is rare that I find a Pagan romance which is so action-packed and well written..  Kim McDougall brightens a dark path, filled with mystery and suspense….” ~ Readers’ Favorite

Hidden Coven: The Complete Series is now on sale for only $0.99 for the ebook and $11.99 for the paperback.  This volume includes all 5 novellas in the series. Check out the artwork inside the paperback for each novella. A wonderfully unique gift and there’s still time to get it before Christmas! 

Quinn is cursed. Bobbi’s a magical screw-up. Together they just might save two worlds.
nYou’ll be stunned by this powerful tale of a young witch with dark power and a deadly secret

Get it now at your favorite retailer. Sale from December 4-11 only!

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