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Unicorns Don't Cry, (Valkyrie Bestiary Book 8) brought a whole new menagerie of critters for Kyra. There's the conies, feisty little rabbits; Ludger the Puckwudgie, who is more than he seems; Chug, the abused unicorn who wants to feel pretty again; and the little whatsis sunflower. Which one is your favorite?
And then there's Shar, the mysterious shar-lil egg who is a growing mystery. I didn't include a picture of Shar here, for spoiler reasons. But if you have read Unicorns Don't Cry and would like to see what Shar actually looks like, check it out on Kyra's Blog. In fact, did you know that you can follow any of the links in the books to Kyra's blog IRL? Have some fun poking around and don't forget to leave a message for Kyra in the guestbook.
If you haven't picked up your copy of Unicorns Don't Cry, check out all the new critters at Kyra's homestead!

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I’m a goat shifter with a checkered past and sticky fingers.

I like my new life. I’ve got good friends, cheap booze, and weekly karaoke. Sure, I live in an apartment with more deadbolts than functioning windows. And yeah, I earn just enough tips as a mediocre bartender to buy name brand ramen noodles. But I can be as flamboyant and fun as I want—as long as I keep my hands clean.

When a mysterious stranger strolls into my bar with tales of a magical dagger so rare it’s guaranteed to start a bidding war, that old itch is back. One last heist…for old times’ sake. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

With an uptight alpha werewolf breathing down my neck and a demon hot on my tail, this job could be my downfall. One wrong move, and the pack of werewolves I ran from eight years ago will come looking for payback. Only this time, they won’t leave me breathing. Hopefully, my survival skills are better than my bartending.

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