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Who's Your Dark Fairy?


While researching evil fae creatures for a new book (and that’s no where near the worst thing in my search history), I found a large number of dark female fae creatures. Some were old hags who became omens of death like the banshee, others were young and beautiful like the Leanan sídhe known as the “Fairy Lover.” The Leanna sídhe acted as a muse for young male artists. In return they became obsessed with her to the point of madness.



Another example is the Dearg Due, the vampiric spirit of a brutally abused woman who walked the back roads of England seeking revenge against all men. She appeared as a beautiful woman, only to take on her hideous monster form once she’s lured in her prey.


Then, of course, there were the sirens who lured sailors to their deaths, the succubi who had sex with sleeping men, and the various witches who were blamed for everything from plagues to crop failures. 


Hmmm, does it sound like someone’s making excuses? “I swear, honey, I wasn’t cheating on you! It was an evil spirit woman! She put a hex on me!” I wonder if that excuse ever worked.


Reading these tales, I can’t help but think that these malevolent fae—male, female or other—were society’s way of explaining the unexplainable. But they sure do make great fodder for fiction. What’s your favorite scary fae creature? Let me know in the comments and maybe you’ll find your creature featured in a future Valkyrie Bestiary book!


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For ten years, Kyra Greene thought she was the only Valkyrie this side of the rainbow bridge. Until she gets a stunning message from her cousin, Gunora, asking for bail money.


Facing the ghosts of her past isn’t on Kyra’s to-do list. All she wants is to settle into her new home with Mason and her menagerie of furred, feathered and scaled rescues. But the many gods of Terra have other plans.


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