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OK, the good news is that Valkyrie Bestiary Book 9. Worlds Don't Collide is done and sent to my wonderful editor, Elaine Jackson. It took me a lot longer to edit than I anticipated. There's a lot riding on a last book. Everyone has a favorite VB character, and I wanted to do justice to them all. The pressure is on! So I took extra time on the edits to squeeze all the feels I could. I think it was worth it, and I'm very happy with this final VB novel. That brings me to my next bit of bad news. I always planned a story about Emil, but I'd hoped to have that written by now. I have a detailed outline for Emil's story, but I haven't started writing it yet. It could be another 3-4 months before I can get this one to print. 

Here's the really good news:

I plan to give Emil's novella away free to you, my newsletter and blog subscribers. The plan was to send it to you as a free download before publication, then put it for sale on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited. But the fact that I haven't started it yet gives me an opportunity. I could publish a chapter a week as I write it here on the newsletter and on my blog. This means, instead of waiting, you could get Emil's story a lot sooner. I would start putting out free chapters around the same time as Book 9 drops. I wouldn't want to do it sooner than that because it would involve spoilers for Worlds Don't Collide. Once the story was complete, I would take it down from the blog, edit it and publish it, but you would have the first looks via blog and newsletter. 

Full disclosure: this is an experiment for me. And I'm normally a terrible first drafter (hence the reason for extensive edits). However, novellas are easier for me to write. For instance, the Valkyrie Bestiary Holiday Tale, Oh Come All Ye Dragons, fairly poured out of me. I expect much the same for Emil's story, but I can't guarantee the final product won't be very different. 

So, I want your opinion on this idea. Feel free to take the poll anonymously HERE.

To sum up, here are the choices:

1. Get your free Emil story starting in June with all the warts and pimples of a first draft, delivered weekly by email or blog. 
2. Wait 3-4 months to get the fully edited version delivered to you by email. 

Either way, you're getting a free Emil story! I think we can all cheer for that!

And don't forget that Worlds Don't Collide is now pre-ordering!

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Saved by Michael Nicholas, a Time traveller who’s as sexy as he is mysterious, her whole life is about to unravel, and it’s only a matter of time before her secret unravels too...

No longer content to lurk in the shadows, the Lost Souls are readying themselves to battle for dominion over the souls of Earth. When they do, their vengeance will be swift and brutal.

Chosen by Time itself, Erica works with Michael to uncover the truth behind their rise, and it quickly becomes apparent that her secret might give them the edge they desperately need.

As a band of unlikely heroes comes together to face off the army of Lost Souls, the fate of the world rests in Erica’s hands. Can she make the necessary sacrifices, and will they be in time to save the souls of billions?

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The Shadow Atlas Trilogy Boxed Set
Jenny Sandiford

Welcome to the Tower of London, where dark magic always comes with a price. . .
The Shadow Atlas Trilogy is a must-read urban fantasy filled with dangerous secrets, entwined lives, and forbidden magic. Perfect for those seeking a darker, university aged Harry Potter.
Uncontrollable Shadow Magic, pleas from her dead father, a mysterious enchanted book, and enemies at her door.
Eighteen-year-old Azalea Sharp thinks life can’t get any worse until she is driven into hiding at a secret magic school in the Tower of London. Struggling to hide her dark powers, Azalea quickly learns that not all magic is equal.
Then she meets the enigmatic Torin Dumont, a notorious shadow mage with secrets of his own. With more than her own life at stake, will his help be enough? Or will the darkness she brought forth unleash itself on London?

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