Kim McDougall

April 5th

I'm deep into edits of Worlds Don't Collide and really excited that I'll be bringing this series conclusion to you June 6th! It's a bittersweet story for me as I get to play with my favorite characters one more time.

That quote above is one of my favorites that I pulled out this week. I like it because I read and watch a lot of WWII fiction. These stories intrigue me because they are about people living through extraordinary times. I always wonder how I would react to living through war or disaster, and I believe that's why these stories resonate with so many people. 
The Flood Wars in Kyra's world was over 50 years ago, but its effects are still felt by Montrealers inside the ward as well as non-wardies living in the wilds of the Inbetween. And in this series conclusion, Kyra learns what it really means to live in interesting times. 

I hope you'll join me for her final journey. The eBook is now pre-ordering. As always, I drop the price for pre-orders so loyal Kyra fans can have a bit of a break. Regular retail price will begin on launch day. 

Amazon doesn't make paperback pre-orders, but I will get the paperback up for sale a few days ahead of the eBook so everyone can enjoy it at the same time. 
I've been chained to my computer for the last month as I edit, so I'm taking a break this weekend to visit my daughter and watch her and her dog participate in obedience trials. It should be a wonderful relaxing time. Then I'll be driving my mother home to Montreal to watch the eclipse! I'm very excited about that. Interesting times! 
Pre-order Worlds Don't Collide now.

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