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Grimalkins Don't PUrr

Valkyrie Bestiary Book 4

Kyra Greene is out of this world—literally. Jacoby, her fire dervish, has been lost in the Nether for weeks. Only Kyra can save him, but not without help from her estranged father. The problem is, Daddy's dead. His spirit now rests in a Life Tree whose roots pierce the veil between worlds

Join Kyra on a new adventure with her band of misfit creatures. Only this time, to save Jacoby, she won’t be dealing with ghosts from Mason’s past. She'll have to face the distant dryad branch of her family and maybe a few of her own ghosts.

Heat Level: 🔥🔥

Sneak Peek

The Grimalkin tensed under my hand. 

“What are you doing?” He nearly spun his head off his shoulders, goggling at the fingers sunk into his fur.

“I’m petting you. See?” I ran my hand down his back. 

“Why? Why are you doing that?” He arched into my touch, but his tail had other ideas. It swished like a viper attacking prey. 

“It’s what people do. Relax.”

His toes kneaded the ground, displaying inch-long claws sharpened to wicked points. I was pushing my luck and I knew it. Willow, my gray cat, normally me get in three-point-two pets exactly before she’d turn on me. But it was amusing to see contrary emotions warring within the grimalkin.

I got in one more stroke before he turned, hissed and sunk teeth into my hand. He didn’t break the skin. It was a warning only. Then he stalked off to wash my scent off his fur. 

“Why do you taunt him?” Mason asked.