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Grimalkins Don't Purr

Valkyrie Bestiary, Book 4

Critter wrangler rule #10: Cuteness kills.

Kyra Greene is out of this world—literally. Jacoby, her fire dervish, has been lost in the Nether for weeks. Only Kyra can save him, but not without help from her estranged father. The problem is, Daddy's dead. His spirit now rests in a Life Tree whose roots pierce the veil between worlds.

Join Kyra on a new adventure with her band of misfit creatures. Only this time, to save Jacoby, she won’t be dealing with ghosts from Mason’s past. She'll have to face the distant dryad branch of her family and maybe a few of her own ghosts.

Content Warning: click here for trigger warnings and heat levels.

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Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Sneak Peek

I had a hard time falling asleep. The idols of the Stewards were just visible at the edge of the firelight and in the dancing flames they seemed to leer at me. I lay down with my back to the fire and tucked my head under Mason’s chin. His gentle breath blew across my forehead. I was cold, but eventually I sank into the shadow of sleep.

Kur nudged my hand. My ice-sprite tucked into the crook of my legs. My hand dropped to his soft, furry head, fingers sinking into the thick pelt… 

That wasn’t Kur. 

I pulled myself from the dream to find Grim watching me with half-hooded eyes.
It seemed that warmth was worth being man-handled. A rumbling sound, like an avalanche bearing down on us, filled the night. 

My fingers froze in his fur. 

Grim’s head jerked up. The sound stopped.

“Were you purring?”

He pointed his nose in the air and sniffed. 

“Most assuredly not. I do not purr.” He rose, his back arched to creep away.

“Stay.” I reached for him and he flinched under my touch. I withdrew my hand.

“Really. Stay. It’s too cold to sleep alone.”

With his head low, he slunk back to my side and curled into a ball, his back pressed against my thighs. He let out a puffed sigh. I resisted the urge to pet him again. I could leave him that bit of dignity.